Chewing on a Tuna Can.

This is going to be one of my non-DDo posts. So if that is what you wanted check back later there might be some ddo related content for you or hit the archive almost 400 posts of good stuff back there.

For the last 24 hours or so I have had a metallic taste in my mouth. I am going to use the saying of chewing on a tuna can to describe the feeling as apposed to the much funnier blowing Iron Man. But the long and short is everything tastes like tin. Food, water, tea everything; it is getting super old. I have to blame a migraine for this although before yesterday I never had a painless migraine but had other symptoms.

Well let me tell the story. I was working/writing my blog post for yesterday and I started to notice a strange taste in my mouth. A few mins later I thought I had a light going out as I noticed a mild strobe effect, nothing to bad just bad enough to be noticeable. 10 or 15 mins later I start to feel dizzy and then an overwhelming nausea. If it weren’t for my pilot training I would have emptied my belly a few times over.

Something they teach you, as a pilot is to not be sick even if you feel sick and how to not get sick while flying. Some of those lesions are a big help in the real world.

With in 30 mins I was a mess, but I didn’t hurt in my normal I am awake migraine way and that was nice. Even so I couldn’t do much while I was feeling that way and I knew it was a matter of time before my training was overcome…. So I headed home to bed. I crashed out in moments once I was in a dark/cool room. 3 hours later I woke up mostly symptom free but my normal Cluster migraine pain was back.

The last few months my migraines have shifted. And while if I don’t watch my triggers I still get that pain that makes me ponder boring out my eye and brain with a red hot spoon to make the pain stop and my constant mild pain is my constant companion. I have been experiencing something new for me. Spotting in my vision and strange tastes during attacks are new to me. And they are wearing down my focus I find myself distracted by my surroundings more and more, oh Iron Man bobble…..

Sorry back. As I was saying back to the Neurologist and likely more tests and drugs that will make me less me and help me not remember that I was hurting and not stopping the hurting in the first place. Oh the up side if I can handle the nausea/dizziness/ and flashing I can have moments with out pain. Might just need to carry a puke bucket….

Don’t worry too much about this old halfing I will manage. I just complain to my wife too much about things as it is and I figure if I complain to you all then I don’t need to bother her.

7 thoughts on “Chewing on a Tuna Can.

  1. strange…. filling falling apart?…. metal gear rusting inside you?…. Had an ex who refused to have screws and bolts taken out of his ankle… Died of metallic poisoning../taste of metal is a symptom… Good luck/hope you get better soon.

    • @Ronda- A little bit of reading of some of the materials from back when i first was diagnosed a metallic taste is fairly common as part of a migraine flareup.

      I assume as i have migraine pain 24/7 most days that a lasting taste in my mouth is “fine”. I just want something that i can take in small doses that dulls the pain most of the time and then i can take more of durning a flare up and fracks me up to the point where i feel no pain. Even if that means adding a cab service to my speed dial.

  2. Nasty. I don’t get the metallic taste with my migraines but I do get the nausea, flashing lights, dizziness…. have to throw up & then sleep in a dark room in that order.

    You’ve probably looked into this, but have you checked for triggers for the migraines? Mine are coffee & cheese… which is annoying considering how much I like both 😦

  3. I suffer from Ocular Migraines, as well as the whole head being squeezed in a vice type, and it sounds like one of them, i get what i call the predator vision like i’m looking thru the invis shield from the film and also nausea and dizzyness
    , usually doesn’t last more than an hour so a quick sleep usually sorts me out
    Also i knew someone who could always smell bread baking just beforea migraine came on
    Hope you feel better

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