Begging for Help.

I spent about an hour last night working on Fleshmakers, on normal. Up until the the puzzle My f2p arty and Samius made good time. Samius moved through the quest clearing trash until I would be better served by a BBer and then I switched to the f2P account and burned threw things. Did I say I got my issues with dualboxing sorted again? Or that I was having issues at all?

I was using a 8GB SD card for my other install but U14 pushed the install over 8GB and broke things. So I took a few hours and did a fresh install on the hard disk proper. Load screens are a little longer if I hit them at the same time other wise not too bad having everything on the same disk.

Any way get to the puzzle room, set Steampower (My f2p arty) at a rune clear some Airdicks and go for it. I hit the first rune auto run to the second as I swap to Steam and hit his rune. Back to Sam in time to hit the second, jump to the 3rd hit it go for the last rune and 3 airdicks hit me at the same time and I go flying. Almost was one and done but instead I got 45 more mins of pain and suffering.

Around the 30 min mark I went to the DDo store and picked up a hireling thinking that a distraction would be a big help. Realize that I miss clicked and got a fighter hire I go back to the store and get a sorc. Summon them both and they do their thing. Aka kill lots of airdicks but not enough and dodging an attack I mistime the last jump and make myself go flying.

I am so glad that I let my xp pots expire long before trying to do this quest.

Hires die a few times I do my best to keep them healed and alive as there are moments when I think I am on the edge of hitting all the runes when something happens and I go flying. The worst is when I am on the way to the last rune and the sorc dies and all the airdicks she was dancing with a ball break and turn right to me.

Did I ever tell you that I have soloed this many times before the environmental changes?

I try using one of the hires to pull a lever too but on the tries that the hires don’t die or get blown off turns out that Steam has fallen off his rune. ☹

Looking over at what the wife is doing at 50-55 mins in and she is happily soloing the orchard for slayers. And I start to beg/whine that I need her help. What a sucker. ☺ She comes in and having another real person knocks things out of the park and first try with her in and we summon the boss. I get its agro and give her time to recall out as she is level 12 and doesn’t want to mess up her xp.

Once I looted the chest I helped her with slayer until it was cleared and then did some inferno runs hoping to pick up the missing random sigil pieces for Steam. Ended the night missing 3 parts. The one from Ghosts and two random bits, think I can wrap those up later today.

Alright guys ❤ me later.

4 thoughts on “Begging for Help.

  1. I am so sick of the the airdicks at the end of Fleshmakers that I just don’t do it anymore unless there are 3 real people in the party. Symbol of Persuasion type stuff helps, but the rune gauntlet just sucks your soul now.

  2. I like the air ellies. I like them in Running with the Devils too.

    Although “like” may be the wrong term. I appreciate that they are so different from most DDO monsters and that they require special thought and tactics.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have used “like” at all. Yet still, I do appreciate them for what they are and prefer them this way.

  3. The only time I didn’t hate that quest was on my wizard. She persuaded and CC-ed everything in sight and it still took a few tries to get it done.

    I hate air elementals :P. Except when I summon one. Then I love it hehe.

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