Power Leveling Phlor

One of my many jobs as a guild leader (The DG as a few guild leaders, if Tobril happens to have the leader status) is to help people level as needed. I try to work leveling others into leveling myself to make the best use of my time. Hey look at power leveling day I threw for the guild a few weeks back. We had 5 members go from 1 to 16 in just one day.

But Phlor missed the latest train and now has been leveling on his own as he has time. Thing is Phlor has all of 3 played alts, his main: Phlor (now a Clr third life) and two first lifers Floor and Phloor both about level 16-17ish. To say he is not much of a power leveler is an understatement. His first guild was not the kind of guild he needed to be in. Super slow to level and felt the best way to advance in the game was to loot grind much lower level quests to death. And put a bit of a bad taste in his mouth when it comes to leveling in DDo. This was so bad when we first TRed back when TRing was new he quit. But he is back and is able to stick it out.

Anyway the last few weeks he and I have taken a night and spammed the hell out of a few quests working him up to 8 so he can stone up. If I time it right he will stone about the same time I hit 16 also and I can help him level with Samius.

Happens that last night was one of our power level nights. Also happens that Phlor is now level 6. Not sure what you all do at level 6 but to me that means level 4s on elite and Splinter Skull chain.

By the way my lowbie I have ready and able to help is a bard/fighter/barb mix I set aside with the AC changes, even though I dumped a huge amount of resources into her Ie cove stuf and other mid game items that are now locked onto her. So something will need to happen with her.

So we buff and do a fast Irestone run. Not great xp but fine, she is now starting a streak. And we are off to Tangle Root, when I hear from Phlor some comment about liking low levels for the first time tonight. Think he might be connecting with his new class finally.

We milk the hell out of Splinter skull. Walking down and repeating any of the two part quests we can on hard before wrapping them up on normal and casual. And before long Phlor makes a comment that he only needs 18k to level. And we have 13 mins on ship buffs. He thinks we need to rebuff, but as we are netting more then 1k a min and the last quest will only take 6-7 mins or so I keep us on task. We wrap up splinter skull with more then a min left on the buffs. Lots of time. ☺ But phlor is still 5k short of level 7.

Back to the boat to rebuff and then the Market place for a few of the Sharn quests on hard and normal for the last little push. Have to say I am super pumped when Phlor gets excited to level, he thought at the start of the night that it would be a few days to a week for him to hit 7 on his own. I am so pleased to help him out. It is little things like this that keeps people like Phlor that think their life is too busy (to play a game like this) playing DDo. And as I said before if Phlor gets back the 50% of the time he used to play again then my airship should be maxed out in no time. That guy was always playing pre DDoEU…

Think this is good enough for now.

One thought on “Power Leveling Phlor

  1. Tangleroot is a ton of fun with those little transitional quests like “Reach the Inner Stronghold” Easiest 1.5-2k Exp you can ever earn. Takes about 30 secs to invis and just zerg to the gate. Recall. Have someone with the chain completed touch the door 1st and then just rinse and repeat! Easy exp 😉 Those little 30 sec farms can add up very quick if your going for exp/minute.

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