The “Pleasure” of Pugging

I have been simi-busting my hump over the last few weeks working on getting 16 and caught up with Fopo to cap out this life. Saturday morning I am just a little short of 16 and Fopo logs on and sends me an invite. I fumble trying to get my mic and headset going as he explains that he doesn’t think we will be able to team up to finish up much if at all this go around. Bummer. But if we hit we hit, if not I am to 20 alone/with guildies.

Might have to wait (do some end game stuff) and let the wife catch up she is only a few levels behind now. She is 11 to my 16. I am jumping ahead.

So with Fopo’s news I am feeling unmotivated but I have goals to hit if I am going to stay on track.

So I hit the Lfm panel, thinking that maybe I will get lucky and find a group that will be doing the stuff I want to do even if they suck I wont have to count on myself alone to get things done. And you never know when you might jump into a in progress group and jump in just in time for the xp and chests. ☺

As luck would have it, there is a group up hitting GH walk-ups on Elite. I have done most of them solo, but the ones I have left you can just fail do to a poor save or two in a row. So I jump in.

There are lots of deaths (I should say mostly by one first life guy), and I burn threw rezs but xp was still over 1k per min for all the walk-ups. And 1k per min or better is always my goal and even with the -10% we were hitting it. So why not, I think to myself?

After a few runs, the group falls apart and I go to catch up with Tobril as he just jumped on but he has to take off and is checking the AH and making a few trades. So a few mins to level and clean up my pack some before taking another look at the LFM panel. And I see that the leader (a one of his guildies I just ran with) of the my previous group has another group up doing the Attack on Stormreach quests so I jump in with them again and rock thinks. Again there was a racking up of the death counter. Again I am the only one that remains alive for the whole chain but as long as I am netting that 1k/min mark I am happy. Log off around 2 am Sunday mostly do to Tobril getting back on late and we end up talking as I solo the GH walkup again….

I get up early on Sunday and again look at the LFM panel and catch a group for Madstone elite and jump in. Lots of familiar names, and a CtH fan or two as I get a few tells from pug members. Nice smooth run even though we had one guy kinda lost for ½ the quest and our bard getting madstoned and then chain lighting to death as he tried to heal himself. Doh! Most of the group went on to Crucible even and that again had its fumbles, was a good time.

Then spent the rest of the day doing epics and what not with Tobril.

The point is every pug I joined hit the xp/min mark even if they struggled. Might have to open myself back up to doing more pugging, might even play leader some….

2 thoughts on “The “Pleasure” of Pugging

  1. 🙂 I must say, I could never play like you do, with the xp/min thing. It would very much take the fun away from the whole thing. I mean, yeah, I have done some xp farming with some groups, but I stay for maybe 5 runs and then I’m bored out of my mind 🙂 I prefer the group to clean out mobs and do optionals. 🙂 I’m fine with getting less than 20 k from a quest that took as 1 h to finish, if party is good and I’m having a good time. I can’t stand it when I get lost and the party doesn’t help me find my way. 🙂 Although, party running around silly in the mace in genesis point the other day looking for chests had me feeling like what ever, I don’t need the chests. Let’s just move on.

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