Gelatinous Cube Fun Facts

I hate to muddle the odds for other players on contests so I am going to raddle off a few Gelatinous Cube Fun Facts.

One out of ten children in Europe are eaten by a Gelatinous Cube.

Antarctica is the only continent without a population of Gelatinous Cube.

There was once a Gelatinous Cube pope, St. Cornelius Cubious.

A Gelatinous Cube can dig a tunnel 600 feet long in just one night. And eat a hole adventurer in hour…

Every time you lick a stamp, you’re consuming 1/10 of a Gelatinous Cube.

A healthy Gelatinous Cube will eat about 35,000 cookies in its lifetime.

In Tokyo, they sell toupees for Gelatinous Cubes.

Each year more Walmart employees are eaten by Gelatinous Cubes then Target Employees. Not sure what that says about the different chains???

David Bowie once stalked by a Gelatinous Cubes dressed like a giant pink rabbit. And once Bowie became very alarmed when he got on a plane and the “bunny” was on board. He caused quite a fuss.

An estimated 800,000 senior citizens voluntarily offer themselves to a family of Cubes that live in Ireland.

Kevin Spacey’s older brother is a Gelatinous Cube that happens to be a professional Rod Stewart impersonator.

I was going to make up one more but think I want to go ahead and post one.

3 thoughts on “Gelatinous Cube Fun Facts

  1. Another fact…Bill Cosby is the founder and a strong advocate in the “Save the Gelatinous Cube Foundation”…though they are not endangered his motto is “There’s always room for Jello”.

  2. Had a Cosby joke forming, about a cube assassin taking revenge for all the jello deaths at the hands of Cosby.

    But i thought it was in bad taste. Totally a private joke for people that can’t judge me.

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