The Better Part of Valor?

When do you give up? For me I give up when I stop having fun trying to win. Not before. But I have seen a few groups lately quit on me early. And a few try and grind on past the point of helpful.

Rant Overtones /on

I was on Javabot helping the wife with xp before she TRed last weekend, and we were in a hard or elite shroud. And things where going fine parts 1,2 and 3 weren’t bad, if a little longer then necessary. Although we learned that we had a few newer people that only had 1 or 2 completions under their belts but the other “healer” was not one of them.

Part 4 starts and 3 or 4 people die right away, pre harry mind you someone wailed and took off pulling blades and a ton of people ran out of heals and into the blades. What do you do? I shrugged and assumed they were the new people. And went on. Turns out that they were not the only new people as chatter quickly turned into guess this is a fail talk. And people started to pull out. Before long there was 6 of us left in and Harry was falling, End of round one and we are looking good for round 2 Harry was about to port out and I get hit by a blade from behind just as I take a meteorstorm to the face and die casting a heal on my anchor. Once I am down the other healer recalls out as he is empty and is not drinking, (totally understandable) but why have pots if you don’t use them?

Next example, Again last week sometime Tobril and I are helping Torrance to cap out so she can TR and we have just done all the ToD flagging quests on Elite and now it is time for New Invasion. I need a moment to hit the head and they can start with out me, as I am just here to help her/favor. When I return I jump in and catch up I take the portal and die… They didn’t take the portal, I guess the portal red skulls people so they are taking the long way. Didn’t know… But we suffer on. After they save me that is and we keep moving. Get to the end fight when I finally figure out that we are on Elite still and we are going to have a long fight here. But we are Defense there is nothing we can’t do??

Five or six tries later totally nude with the boss at a sliver each time we wiped, we ran out of time. If he didn’t reset right away or if falling back down counted as being down we would have won but as it was we failed. And it was tough.

I have written before about knowing when to call something. But we all missed that one. But hey I was having fun and how great would that story had been if we pulled it out on that 6th try? Really great.

3 thoughts on “The Better Part of Valor?

  1. We all have such stories… of being naked and just not getting the message to quit. 🙂 Sometimes they’re funny stories, other times they’re horrors that make you hate a quest forever… but they’re part of the DDO life.

  2. 🙂 I’m one of those people who sorta refuse to give up, if I only have people with me who are willing to go on. My first time running Servants of the overlord (elite). Took us close to 3 h to get to the boss fight, and when we get there, we wipe (again, don’t know how many wipes we had before this). Again we keep the instance open and all others release and then wait for the last guy. We started off as a 6 man group, there at the second try of the boss fight we’re only 3 left, me a barb and an arti (who’s mostly sleeping at that point). We’re joined by a wiz and we go in with one or two hires. And in the boss fight people just keep dropping and I get Hezrou aggro and keep running around (y I potted to keep bb running)… all in all took us 3 h to finish, and no, I didn’t feel too good about it, but I just didn’t want to give up. (this was pre-last update). (this was on my cleric)

    Now, after the update, my second try of Servants of the overlord elite, we were up in over 60 deaths, and had been trying for a long while (and only got to the second shrine)… lost most of the party again (only 3 ppl left), when I decided to call it. I was getting tired and we were getting no where 🙂 (on my sorc)

  3. Sam left out the best part. I was in group for chat while running something else and got the pleasure of laughing every time Sam died. Trust me, Sam or Tobril dying is entertainment.

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