Looking for a Pair of Ladies

Couple seeking DDo playing ladies, Minimum age 40.

No that is not a crazy looking for love ad. But during last nights taping of CtH, Lessah said if I could find two ladies that are active playing DDO over 40 she would come back to DDO.

So long story short that you should be able to play any time now, if you are or know any female gamers (40+) let them know I am looking for them. So we can get Lessah back full time!


Ps Real post coming soon.

9 thoughts on “Looking for a Pair of Ladies

  1. OK this is going to out me, but I turned 40 in March and I am female.

    Unfortunately my partner is 34, so she can’t count 🙂

  2. I just turned 41. Unfortunately, now that you’ve read this data, you will have to be destroyed. 🙂

  3. Oh, wait. Are you specifically looking for female gamers over 40 that play on Sarlona? I am the wrong server in that case.

  4. @Funch I just need you to play, you don’t need to play on any given server.

    @geoff good news, i learned how to say your name. Maybe i will remember for next time.

  5. I know of at least one for sure, though I won’t say who for fear that she might have her monk pound me *g* And I suspect a few others, but I’m enough of a coward, I mean gentleman, to not ask.

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