Look at all the People I didn’t Kill Today

So like many of you Tobril and I have been playing in the new stuff when we decide to work on our big kids, while the drops are “hot”. Last nights Epic night was no exception. After the bulk of our “Epic Tuesday” was done (DQ 6man and the raid) we moved on to the new stuff. I know it didn’t feel super epicy to me either but as I wrapped up my silver flame favor on Samyus just moments before running to the 6man for a flagging completion and I was super excited to take my much more self-healing fighter into anything. So new stuff was good enough for me.

Anyway Tobril and I have been doing all these new quests and when it is time to save the slaves I let Tobril “save them” mostly so I can mock him as he rips their heads off in his futile attempt to save them.

It never fails to make me smile when the Lawful Good monk/fighter/pally in his all his glory goes to pull apart a slave collar and ends up ripping the poor guys head off, killing him in the most horrible manner I can picture.

Then after seeing how well his last attempt worked out, said “hero” steps up to a new slave that just saw his buddy die at the hands of this “hero” and allows him to try again. Most likely killing him in the process.

Rinse and repeat.

Maybe it is the sadist in me but I can’t help and picture Tobril stepping up to the drow and saying, “Your turn.”

The slaves, “Humm no thanks. Your not really good at this “saving people thing” are you?”

“Well look at all the people I didn’t kill today.” Waving his hand around in a general manner….

The drow looks a round and sees the dead bodies of his former slave masters that moments ago Tobril punched to death, as I hid behind my shield and intimidated the masses into trying to get me, as well as a slave or two that might have been fighting along side its former master and the still warm body of the slave he just “helped”. And thinking, “Well one way or another I won’t have to wear this collar any more…”

One thought on “Look at all the People I didn’t Kill Today

  1. Took me a sec to realize, “Hey, one of the options is to use Concentration.” With a raw score of 73, I thought it would be enough.

    Since any Monk worth a darn ALWAYS works on high Concentration, let them do the Collar thing, always. I don’t think they’ll ever fail. 🙂

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