Samius Answers: What ifs from Goggle

I am in a hurry to knock out today’s post. I have to leave early today to take care of some issues with the repairs on my bike. So instead of taking time to think of a topic and then write something I just Goggle-ed “what if questions” And will cherry pick a few and answer them from my point of view.

What if Quagmire actually had a spin off?
That would be great. Quagmire is totally my favorite character on family guy. Don’t think I would be a weekly watcher, but I would tape 5-10 of them at a time and do a little mini marathon watching.

What if you were rich?
I will change things to suddenly rich because I have plans for that and not what if I was always rich. Anyway I would pay everything off and fix things up that need work. Then I would set up a trust and better collage fund for the kid. Oh as a side effect of becoming 100% debt free I would guess my wife would quit her job and find something to do that would make her happier then her current job. Now assuming that my new found wealth leaves more wiggle room then that I would like to buy an RV and travel around, blogging/podcasting my little heart out.

What if I you died right now?
Well setting aside my religious believes I would say my office would have a bit of a freak out. And then my wife would follow along the suddenly rich plan – the RV and travel plan.

One more… If you could pick a super power to have what would it be?
I know it is a simple one but one of my favorites. Think I would like to teleport stuff, including myself. Baring that one I would like to have “pleasure” vision. I think that I could do a lot with a few well-timed blasts of pure “pleasure.” ☺

I feel like I need some ddo themed questions but I would have to make them up myself and that doesn’t sound fun. Use the comments and leave me one up and next week I will try and answer them.

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