Weight of the World

So my boss just told me that while I am the only web programmer as the other guy is abandoning his web projects and I need to his old projects up; the weight of the world is not on my back and I need to relax. Which pisses me off because if it is not, why does my back hurt so much? Good thing I decided to take a few days off before I told him to find two new people and where he could put this job. I could make a little less cash with a lot less stress at a fast food place, damn company loyalty.

Anyway, vacation days here I come. And I hope to make some of my free time DDO time. Samius is sitting at 7. 6/1 monk/arty going for my fighter life, will be 10/9/1 fighter/monk/arty when it is all done. Think I can do everything I want to do to level up with that spread. And I think that soloing to where fopo is or cap is doable for the build.

Samyus needs 13 more Purple night commendations to get his set up and running. If the post update drop rate is boosted like it normally is boosted, I hate to farm them when they drop to the week two and on level (aka stuff is not dropping for me) so I need to take some time and run the new content a lot this week.

Btw, hunting commendations seems to work best by doing the chain and pulling one from the final list vs hunting in the forest.

More none DDo plans for the week:

Renew my driver’s license tomorrow. Yes that means I am old again. I can’t pull a Tobril and have my 29th bday for the 5th or 6th time.

Work on the Solar Dehydrator, Chicken coop, Green House. Yes they are 3 different projects but I do want to try and work on them this week. We ordered the plastic for the Green House last week and I am hoping that it makes it here today.

I also need to do some riding in the heat to see how I handle it. I haven’t road to work in the last few workdays as it has been105+ but we are in a cooling trend now and the forecast is for 99 today. I need to know if I can ride home for lunch in that heat or if the bike will remain a pre bed ritual for the summer.

Will do another post right after with more of a DDO slant, because I am still a little hot at my bosses.

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