Lots of Fail

This weekend was full of win but also had ample fail for me to enjoy. Lets start off right. Traps are bugged and are doing lots more damage then they should. Lets all just agree that this is the case and move on. I first heard of this issue as Fopo was doing WW(2) on elite at level and was taken out by an acid trap. I didn’t think anything of it as elite traps happen. But then I was soloing WW(3) and auto ran back through the hall of acid traps (I have good saves, evasion, and a 30 acid resist from my boat) but I didn’t make it. Started looking at the combat log and the trap was hitting for 40 or 50 points over the resist evasion never happened with my save rolls around 13+20 were failing?? Might be a DC boost too, so kids be careful around traps on anything but normal.

In other fails, Tobril and I did some of the new chain on Normal and found them to be fairly easy. So we stepped things up a bit and boy. Those little spell ward things must be traps because they went from 10 points of fire to 150 points of fire damage. Kinda hard for hirelings to make it past one. Add in that slow effect that I guess you can’t save and that doesn’t show up in your debuff bar… So those Traps suck.

But the worst part of doing those hards was that the hire thought he could solo the quest and he needed to wait on him, zerg on mister 250 hp hireling clr! All I can say is get your silver flame pots if you’re a melee that can’t umd heal scrolls because Hires have gone nuts.

But the worst fail of the weekend was last night, leaving me disappointed in myself just in time to go to sleep. I had moved to the Carnival quests elite. I had gotten all the way through the first on in the chain, and Brawnsprits and I were finishing up. I had 2 of the dogs dead. But we had the dancing dog and the neg level dog left. I took 4 or 5 negs at once, cursing my miss play of not starting my DW sooner. I just got it running when I got danced.

But everything was fine as long as I had the agro even with the dogs going all spammy with the dance and negs spells. I could see my DW working over and over while my dance counter kept getting reset before I could act in my defense. A min or two of “dance and dance and dance” and Brawn was able to pull the agro of the neg leveling dog. I thought that maybe Brawn would be able to finish things while I piked the rest of the quest as the dog he had agroed was at less then 1/3 hp. But it seams once the dogs go spammy with their spells they mean it. And I watched Brawn get negged to death. I saw rings about 14 times in less then 30 secs.

Funny thing is, even though I failed the quest it didn’t end right away. So after a while the dogs stopped dancing me long enough to do something and I was able to beat the two dogs down lowering the firewall allowing me to loot the chest. If only I could pick up Brawns stone and take him to the shrine….

2 thoughts on “Lots of Fail

  1. Thanks for talking about the trap problem! I just ran pit elite, and with evasion, resist, and protection up, the lightning in the main breaker room was hitting me for over 120 damage, at level 12 with +20 reflex save. Now that I read that other people are having the same problems, I don’t feel like I wasted 3 hours!

  2. I was running the WW chain on elite with a lvl 7 favor farming monk. She got to the acid trap tunnel – not IN it, just BY it – and the traps one-hit her for some stupendous amount of damage. Now granted, she’s just a favor farming toon so her gear is meh and she didn’t have any resist pots, but as a lvl 7 monk she’s above the quest level AND has evasion. And gets ONE-HIT?! Yeah. Was not a happy camper.

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