Making Lists

You all know I ❤ making lists… Wonder if there is a proper job in there????? Anyway, lists make great posts. They are fast, informative and always starts a conversation because no one ever aggress with someone else list 100%.

So lets make a few lists.

Top 5 new named items for Samyus (my tank)

#5, Draught of Hearty Apple Cider
Potion: Recovers Hit Points over 20 Seconds

#4, Boots of the Woodsman
Boots: Striding +30%, Insightful Dexterity +2, Move Silently +15, Woodsman’s Guile Set

#3, Purple Dragon Helm
Helm: Constitution +7, Exceptional Strength +2, Intimidate +15, Knight’s Loyalty Set

#2, Purple Dragon Gauntlets
Gloves: Strength +7, Exceptional Constitution +2, Healing Amplification +30%, Knight’s Loyalty Set

#1, Purple Dragon Armor
Full Plate: +6, Heavy Fortification, Superior False Life, DR 5/-, Knight’s Loyalty Set

Okay that one seems simple. I have a tank need tanky stuff + run faster booties that might add AC + more self healing. I had a plan to do the 3 piece Greater Might of the Abishai set. But the purple knight set is real close to the same thing except if I was super motivated one could also fit in the (3p) Abishai set too (cloak, boots, bracers) for even more of a good thing.

And the top 5 for Samius

#5, Strinati’s Hand Cannon
Runearm: Exploding Cannon Shot, Max Charge Tier 3, Wizardry II, Rune Arm Imbue: Fire II, Craftable +3 [ML:5]

#4, Purple Dragon Gauntlets
Gloves: Strength +7, Exceptional Constitution +2, Healing Amplification +30%, Knight’s Loyalty Set

#3, Seal of House Dun’Robar
Ring: Strength +7, Dodge +4%, Shatter +10

#2, Scorching Wraps
Handwraps: +2, Flaming Burst, Spiked, Bleed [ML:4]

#1, Vestments of the Sun Soul – Outfit: Armor Bonus +9, Resistance +6, Enhanced Ki +1, Reinforced Fists, Way of the Sun Soul Set Bonus [ML:20]

This list is a little strange. Thinking of trying a 6 level arty splash on the pally life and who doesn’t want a cannon for an arm? More amp at cap is uber! What I said about amp bit dodge and strength in a fast swap is great. I have lots more TRs to do and most of them are planed to be monky. And last in the number 1 slot; did you know I love yellow? I do. And these are as yellow as you get. Bad Ass!

Comment away! Think I will do a run down list of my none ddo free time today too. And maybe fit in a biking report to keep me honest.

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