I need a Kiter….

Last night was “epic night” and as so the guild tries to make an effort to run some things together. And we have settled into a kind of pattern, of ToD and then a few epics. Tobril gets off work nabs a fast bite to eat and gets on around 7ish my time (aka our starting time), about 15 past the hour a guild tod forms and pugs out the last slots. Our guild can bring 7-9 people if the active players all long on. We could almost fill a raid alone if all of simi active members got on too but not quite….

Anyway I had just finished my dinner and checked the time. Raid time. Logged on and saw that the Tod was up and was Tobril and Phlor and better then half full with puggers. Well I nabbed two slots for the wife and I. Knowing she was bringing her monk. I asked what Tobril needed/wanted me to bring now that my tank has his ring I can be flexible for the group. “I need a kiter” he says.

Hmmm, Now I have backed up once or six times. And every time I have been called to run I get a BB off and wing and some times I run enough to get a second wing off and some times not but I normally last about 30-40 secs once called to kite. But sooner or later everyone is a kitter had to have a first proper go, right? Guess last night was going to be my time.

Now I have 2 people that might be able to kite flagged. Javabot my melee FvS and Samiusbot a PM wiz. Java runs ToD from time to time has boots and hps. Samiusbot is flagged so I can use Yoguo pots and not much else. He happens to be flagged because you have to do all 4 flagging quests to get the favor for those pots… But has little to no gear. Don’t get me wrong for a first life and next to no work he is good enough but I wouldn’t want to take him into ToD. And I don’t want to be the guy banished because he doesn’t have boots or anything.

So Java it was. Turns out starting out as the kiter a lot easier then being the back up. My last loop however my last BB was not quite in the right spot and one shadow drifted to the top of the stairs. I was about to pick it up when Tobril said not to bother and about 10 secs later we won. Once again Java didn’t get his belt. I am starting to think that it has been removed from the loot tables, or is it when I step into the raid with him. I see it all the time on other alts. Oh well.

So being a little late to the party let me fill a role that I hadn’t gotten to before. Maybe I shouldn’t talk it up a whole lot because then Tobril will ask me to kite more often and tank less. But I think once As400 is flagged and booted up again I will try to tank the shadows on him. And that sounds like a lot of fun.

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