Tilting Wednesday

I think I may have made an error going drow on for my special wizard project. Or my run at tilting may have put me in a funk, I don’t know yet. This is how I spent last night.

I log on straight onto As400, Wednesdays Fopo bowls so for now I plan to use that night each week to level my TRed and Stoned wizard back to 20. And I start to buff, when I see Tobril buffing his FvS to heal a LoB. And he sends a tell that once the Lob is done he wants to switch for xp.

I head to Sleeping Dust on elite, I’m level 16 I will be fine. Sure, I will. To be fair, gathering the books was simple enough if time consuming. Managed to take the longest possible route to find the books. It was long enough that Tobril was able to finish Lob and jump in while I was rescuing the spider queen. Up to and into the final fight everything was going well no spiders killed, and I was feeling fine. Spin the wheels and started Doting the final boss. And he turns and Delayed Blast Fire balls me. Ouch. Heal. Disintegrate (save) 199 points of damage. Frack me! Heal. Feeblemind(fail the save with a realty low number 2ish), DBF. Heal? Nope Int is 1. Disintegrate to finish me. Really?

Tobril is on his level 16 fighter and is doing well enough (I say frack the spider chest) until it is just him and the main boss. 4 times in a row I saw that boss dance him in a row. The tables had totally turned vs all those epic runs we have done. So I burned a rez cake (I have a stack of 5 from a loto or something) jump out and Dot the jerk and he turns and Feebleminds again which of coarse I fail again and follows it up with a Disintegrate again which I again pass for enough HP to kill me out right. Grrr.

Rez a third time and Tobril keeps the agro and the jerk dies. Wow…

The wife joins us for xp and we move down to Orchard quests aka the right level of quests to be doing at 16 while maintaining our elite streak. There is a hiccup in Flesh makers and Tobril’s fighter becomes a lighting rod after he clears his side of the lighting machine. Run him to the shrine and the rest of the quest goes fairly smoothly other then I get knocked off the top by the boss air elly and take 3 or 4 ball lighting in the bum as I try to climb the later back up and die. Tobril’s heal bot decides to rez me while the wife solos the air elly.

Decide I am meant to die every quest so I don’t bother to go back to the boat and head to Ghosts. Which goes smooth until the end fight. And even then almost got him when we start to fall. Once we are all dead I hear, “I will stay in” from Tobril. Which right after dying is not something I want to hear. And it pushes me a little more over the edge. But I still have 2 cakes left. I rez, cast DD and take a disintegrate to the back before I can get in. The wife rezes and pulls the beholder to the other side of the room before she gets anti magiced to death. I decide to rez and get out as the beholder is on the fair side of the room and tobril is not that far I could nab his stone. But I wasn’t watching my timers and DD was on cool down still. Frack Me. I totally dance and move until my spell is off timer. Shoot to the far corner of the room DD and disintegrate to the back again.

Growl, I go a head and release just thinking of what a waist this run is turning into. Fill up and head back out to save my people. While falling I decide to try to both kill the beholder and save the party. I wall and disintegrate him (yes two can play that game) Nab Tobril’s stone but I get slowed and doubled slowed via an ice storm. Get in an antimagic zone and can’t get out and once again I get disintegrated to death.

I say good night and log. I look over and the wife self rezed and starts to get here self killed. I ask why if she was going to rez why didn’t she do so while I was still down there so one of us would have been able to take the agro and the other finish it? And I am told if I had an idea in mind I should have told here earlier. Because I knew she was going to rez at some point???

So frack it, I sit down and watch Horrible Bosses and Colombiana. Thankfully there is a hand job joke in Horrible Bosses that put a smile on my face and turns my mood for the night around. Have to say I really liked both movies and am tempted to buy them now.

Any way my comment about picking drow being an error is all about HPs. I have a 14 base con, tried a 16 but didn’t have the points but I have a +3 con tome, +6 con item and a SFL item and I only have around 300 hp. My wife’s wizard has almost 500 but she has toughness, the barb past life and I only have the one toughness and only one less DC. I know at 18 my hps will be much better but will I ever get there if I tilt out every week do to getting oneshotted due to crappy HP? How do bad players do it all the time?

4 thoughts on “Tilting Wednesday

  1. I offered to stay as I felt you guys were the ones who were doing the actual work.

    Hopefully it won’t take too long to cap the defender so he doesn’t have to lean on others quite so much.

    Well, at least until raid time, but he’s tanking at that point so business as expected.

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