Tools for the task at hand

As you know I have been running picture portals a lot the last 3 days or so, last night was no exception. But unlike the last few hundred runs were things went smoothly, last night I died a lot.

I am not real sure what happened. I was having an off night for sure. But at one point I was getting divine punishment x3 dotted. And in undead form that is less then good times. But at least one death was almost out of the blue…. Any way that is not the point.

The point is, I decided I needed to kill faster. Level 21+ necro removal is out, so elemental damage and web/necro SLAs have to do the heavy lifting. But I didn’t have any of my normal spell boosting clickies on Samiusbot. Just shows how old busted and under geared his janky ass is.

So I made him three of my normal clickies thanks to the Cannith crafting. Superior level 6 or better for Lighting, Cold and Neg Energy spells. I would have made him a fire too but I have gotten away from Wall of Fire for Ice storm. I have always like Ice storm better anyway. :p

Now I have a trick that I have followed since before Cannith crafting when it comes to temp boosts like clickies, crafting just makes it a lot easier. I use a skin for a class of boosts across my account/s.

I always use rods(clubs) for arcane boosting effects, weapons for divine.
Lighting boosting clickies use this skin: club img

Cold boosting clickies use this skin: club img

Fire boosting clickies use this: club img

I tried to get pictures for all of them but google only did so much for me. 😦

Anyway I use that one that looks like a pharaoh head for my Neg Engery boosts.

Having those clickies helped a lot on the rest of my runs, I might have to make another Neg Energy one as it saving it for when I needed to clear still left me a clickly short on the last boss.

Anyway food for thought.

5 thoughts on “Tools for the task at hand

    • @MarQuileth

      You can’t modify the skin on items. You can only buy ones that have the right skin, what i did before cannith crafting. And now with cannith crafting you can buy whatever and you can build what you need.

  1. Ah I see…quickly read it and mis-understood what u were doing. Got me excited tho as I would like to be able to modify my clickies. I generally have many weapon sets and change them out depending on what I am facing. Problem is some of the sets look too similar to hit the clicky without reading what it is first.

  2. I usually arrange them in a specific order and close to certain spells to help me recall faster so I rarely make mistakes, but your idea is much better. Thank you for sharing!

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