Its has been a few days since I have capped my fighter. And other then getting gear out of the bank he had had 0 in game time.


I know it sounds funny to me too. I spend all this time and energy to get an AC tank together and he has tanked nothing. 😦

What I have been doing is running challenges. Both epic and non epics for mats for the different mats to make items and earn epic tokens to gear Samyus. And when I run challenges it is on Samiusbot, because he is able to handle these runs alone.

I have been looking at the different rewards and how they are awarded and they are few funny. For example:

Dr. Rushmore’ Mansion:Picture Portals gves 17% of your score.

Scoreing for this challenge is :

Monsters killed – ~1-3 per kill
Gates opened – ~40-100 per gate
Outlaw Bosses killed – ~600-800 per boss

My normal run has a score of about 1400 give or take so I get little more then 200 per run. At 3 runs an hour it is not super fast but good enough.

Anyway I have ground out the 1200+ epic cups and epic scrolls to make Samyus’ ring t3 epic. But now I need Jade Scorps. Which comes from one of that harder challenges for me to do, Lava Caves: Colossal Crystals.

Lava Caves are filled with scorpions, drow and other nasty things. And all hinges on getting one koblod to turn in one crystal. And there for is easy to fail. Even if Fopo and I have a fairly low failure rate it can still happen.

On the plus side it looks like all the kobold rock farming quests it gives 83% of your score which is tied not to mobs you kill but rocks you farm. So a few good runs can make all you need. I just need a better tool for fighting drow and things that hid under ground. My monk maybe?

The other option is the cups trade for scorps at a 2 and a epic fragment for 1 for I could solo my way to the 1200 I need by farming out another 2400 cups and trading them in. But is it easier or faster to run Colossal Crystals?

I don’t know. But I will let you know.

5 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Colossal Crystals is my least favorite challenge for that reason.

    And I thought you traded illuminated manuscripts (moving targets) for jade scorpions.

  2. Paralyzers are GREAT on scorps, in my experience. And I would bet that drow SR doesn’t apply, either…

    IMHO, it’s faster to farm something else and trade in lol – I hate the Rushmore quests because of the sheer randomness of the drops. I’ve had runs where after breaking everything around and collecting everything I found and killing everything that spawns… I haven’t had the correct piece to open a necessary door, and had to resort to killing respawns for several minutes, in which time I’ll get 2-3 of every OTHER drop. And then I get to the next door, and I need 2 of the same one I’ve already been unable to get… So I end up having to trade for those (which means I often have to do the NEXT one up the line 4x as often ’cause of Colossal Crystals… but it’s still better lol)

  3. I’m just learning a few of these challenges. It’s fresh, but the randomness and grinding seems to throw you out of the RPG world and into something that feels like a Facebook game app.

    Loot good. Game fun bad.

  4. @Sgt_Hart Thanks for that! I didn’t realize it switched up, haven’t traded in any epics yet.

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