Gearing my Tank

So people want to know how I plan to gear out Samyus, at least in the short term. I am sure the expansion will bring a ton of changes for gear. But for now I will lay out gear as if I had everything I needed today to make everything on my to have list.

Lets do this by importance.

Cavalry Plate t3 slotted with G Nimbleness
Epic Chimera’s Fang slotted with Good (powered by the Sentinel marks)
Off tanking weapon Epic Antique Greataxe slotted with +7
Bracers of Wind (lvl 16 t3) dodge +1 added
Epic Ring of the Stalker t3 (Y, C)
Epic Chimera’s Crown (Y, C) (powered by the Sentinel marks)
Crafted goggles – Blindness Immunity(or water breathing goggles got the shaft for prefixes) of Dodge +2
Epic Templar’s Bulwark to replace my current cannith crafted tower shield

Stalwart Necklace
Cinder’s Band Exp – Str+2
Epic Brawn’s Spirits or intim trinket / heavy swap.
HP gs belt not sure how to build it yet.

3 piece Greater Might of the Abishai set
Epic Charged Gauntlets
Epic Envenomed Cloak
Epic Boots of Corrosion

May need to have the Epic Helm of Frost as a swap item for Horth tanking drinking yogo pot means -1 AC??

Thoughts, questions, comments below plz.

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