Winning the Weekend.

Now that My.ddo is allowing posts again, here is yesterdays post.

So this weekend was fairly full of win. Avengers was great. If you haven’t seen it yet, go now. I will wait….. Also both Samius and Samyus capped out. So lots to talk about lets get started.

So Avengers, after some delays the wife end up in the local theater for Avengers in 3D. I will not go into spoilers but I will say Joss is the man again. And did a great job. And I thought the 3D was the best I have ever seen. I am going to put it in my personal top 5 movies, right under Iron Man.. It is that good, if not better.

Samius is now a 10/9/1 Rogue/Monk/Fighter That last level could have been Anything really. But picking up another feat for the few days it takes for the train to get rolling again is no big deal.

Right now I am still thinking Pure Arty for the next life. But I need to get a class layout from everyone just to be sure. Think both Phlor and Fopo will be tagging along again. Fopo is going to knock out his Pally life I think and Phlor was talking about some kind of not pally divine. A FvS/Clr/Bard would be nice to have.

Thought the wife was going to bring her “main” and return to her clonk love but she rolled up a new clonk and is having fun doing the first life thing right now. Tobril I think is planing to nab some quick xp on his Arty so we/I might have some nice side by side arty talk soonish….

Samyus, I am glad to have gotten this guy capped. Did a lesser on him once I capped. Swapped the travel marks for the sentinel marks along with some for fun leveling feats for things like the two handed fighting chain and whatnots. I am slow now and will miss the travel marks but over all he is a lot tougher now then before.

With a few little gear swaps, Cove armor and my big boy sword his ship and self buffed AC is 81. 82 hasted so Normal AC tanking is ready (once I slot good on my sword). This next week I hope to do a little grinding. I want to try for my Tod ring, make my Slayer ring and hopefully nap the last seals and/or shards for my hat and shield. Once I have those then I need to start hitting epic Chronos for seals and shards…

I will give my projected gear lay out once I am 100% done with what does where. Along with what I think was easy and what was hard to come by. But for the most part, I got Samyus to a really good Ac with only a few hard to get items (one epic item so far that didn’t come from the cove). If I can do it anyone can.

Alright back to work,

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