My Arty Life: Stats

Morning, once again we will be talking about building my arty. Today I will ramble on about Stats. But before I do I want to say made 19.4 and change last night. So should cap out sometime Saturday, as long as my trip to the movies tonight for the Avengers don’t make me want to go again and again spending all weekend at the movies.

Lets keep in mind I want to focus in both Melee and Casting for this run. Xbowing is way down the list for me this run. Oh and remember these are for a Human arty with more then 3 past lives and +3 tomes in every stat…. I plan to steal some fast crafting xp along the way and with both the Repair Marks and Bonus crafting levels I think I will be able to go fairly big..

Anyway stats, having never build an arty I have to play from past experiences with different kinds of wizards to help with stats.

Average normal covering most of the bases stats:

Not really ideal here as I am looking to melee it up as well as cast. I can use buffs like Insightful Strikes and Insightful Damage to use my Int as a main stat but as you can’t have both running at once I don’t think so.

More of a battle caster:
These lose Dex and Chr for +1 to hit and HP per level. Not to bad…

Ranged Caster, think Imp Precise Shot ready with a +3 tome or with a +2 and a stat point.

As I am not focusing on ranged even though I don’t plan to totally skip it these are not right for what I want to do.

A little more well rounded but not max DC:

These still will allow room for Imp Precise Shot and I can see more of a buffer melee/range build using them but I want to use plenty of combat spells.

So what am I thinking?

I will not be Imp Precise Shot able and I will not have those extra Hp from one more CON. But I will have more Str for Melee and don’t have to rely on Insightful Strikes and Insightful Damage I can carry IS for when I need to go ranged and use that Int Mod if I need it. Doesn’t penalize AC or UMD even if it doesn’t help.

As always thoughts and comments welcome.

3 thoughts on “My Arty Life: Stats

  1. Since your going Human, you might want to think about using a 15 (or 13) for CON. THEN use the “Human Adaptability – CON” enhancement to bump it up to 16 (or 14); with the “toughness” feat, this would make you eligible for the enhancement “Racial Toughness III”. You have to have the HA or Greater HA enhancements to be able to get RT3.

    Since CON ‘boosts’ are “retroactive”, you would end up with the same number of HP, but you just start off with a few less HP and have an additional 1 to 3 STAT points to use elasewhere.

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