I have a Cool Problem

I am looking at the feat/feat order for my arty life. And I have a problem I have never had before. I have 3 feats that I don’t really have a super duper plan for right now. Don’t get me wrong I can put things in but I am not used to having so many feat slots at helpful levels.

Here just look

1 (human bonus) Augment Summoning – take it early and rock summons as long as possible.
1 (normal) Power attack
3 (normal) Barb past life- more Hp now!
4 (arty bonus) Construct Essence – more healing options
6 (normal) Maximize or Empower – just starting to have some real combat spells other then buffs
8 (arty bonus) Maximize or Empower – take the other spell damage boosting feat.
9 (normal) Quicken – starting to get hit hard enough that I want it around
12(normal) Marks of Making 1
12(arty bonus) Marks of Making 2 – start to grab those bonus crafting levels and free healing
15 (normal) ????
16 (arty bonus) Mark of Making 3 – final Mark time to rock some crafting levels during down time.
18(normal) ???
20 (art bonus) ??? – but does it really mater a lot, I plan to TR again almost right away.

Now there are feats to put in those slots, Cleave, Great Cleave, Imp Sunder, Toughness, Heighten (maybe) past life feats like the Wizard one, Insightful Reflexes and others.

But no more must needs. It is weird. If I splash 2 monk levels for Evasion and feats then there are more options with a gain of +1 feats when ever I need it.

Anyway something to think about. This Arty life will have some fun choices to make at leveling time.

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