My Arty Life: Rune Arms

Yep part two of my thought process of getting my head around playing an arty. Today’s topic I hope is fairly clear from the title, Run arms.

First of all. If someone out there is good at copying data and entering it in to a spreadsheet let me know because I am not so good at those like of things. And I have gotten into the habit lately of keeping a spreadsheet for rare items, thanks to Tobril and Fopo for more or less handing me a base spreadsheet to use. Okay it is mostly for epic ingredients but almost anything that is harder to come by or becomes BTC once you use it. And rune arms to me would fit.

Anyway, I am trying to get my head around how they work and what rune arms I am willing to β€œruin” to get the full arty experience.

What do I mean by Full Arty Experience and Ruining rune arms? Simply rune arms double your trinket slot. If only at crafting level 3.. and that is huge. I have quite a few cannith crafted trinkets. And wearing 2 at once would be huge! Melee or Ranged Alacrity, Attack Bonus, Dodge are just the tip of the iceberg of good stuff. But take the same slot on a trinket. Now you can easily fit in two. I am totally going to be rocking some tweaked out rune arms. As for Ruining them, I am sure there are some that bind on equip and I think that once you craft on them they BTC (they are not cleanable so I need to be sure what I am added is what I want) as I don’t plan to say arty forever any that I make BTC are burned. 😦

So how about we look at some rune arms? I made a vet 2 arty last night just to play with some arms.

For the 5 and lower levels, aka a few hours I have Flame Warden, Thought Spike (BTC), Candlelight and Flicker or all of them. I didn’t get t play with the Thought Spike however. I don’t think I need to spend a lot of time here. I will just use the Thought Spike maybe the Flame Warden if I want a little more damage added to melee attack.

From 5- 7 you know where I can test there are some really good rune arms, I even have most of them (Missing The Devourer’s Hunger).
Chulchannad’s Claw, Khyber’s Fury, Chimera’s Breath, Coronach and The Pea Shooter.

Quick impressions, I like the ones that XXX blast or XXX Lash the best. They seem to be the easiest to hit with both at close range and further out. The Blast one are great closer up. And the Shot ones I like the second to least because of the spread out then come back in to hit the target, although I have the feeling that they will grow on me as they hit 3-more mobs at once. But the XXX bolt ones seem to have the most issues hitting at range and in melee. Slowly backing up with a hard target on the training dummy I started to shoot the ground about 30 feet.. But if I aimed with the mouse look it hit from the end of the ship so if I ever want to snip something the bolt arms are good.

Oh for effects I liked the most that I shot last night: Khyber’s Fury and Flicker

Okay looking at the extra powers the stand outs are The Pea Shooter for Superior Potency III and not a lot else. Kyber’s Fury is cool with the Fort, but I have a cove hat for that. And for some guys I can see Chimera’s Breath for the Proficiency: Bastard Sword and Diehard… I might have some good low level Bastard Swords now that I think about it… Hmmm

For the imbue I like the ones that add light and force. And below level 7 those are Coronach and Thought Spike. I really don’t want to be level 7 and still using a level 1 rune arm… The Electrical II from the Chimera’s Breath should be okay at level.

So for the first 7ish levels for the ones I played with it is Khyber’s Fury, Chimera’s Breath and The Pea Shooter.

But let me tell you something. I think you can lower the level of the rune arm with masterful craftsmanship shard. So if there was a 9 I really loved I could make it use able at 7 and then keep using it until I found a better one. As this is just a tmp life I don’t want to burn any harder to get ones like the ones from the Tor dragons so the next ones with real options are at level 15.

So is there are rune arm that stands out in the level 9 range that wouldn’t suck from level 7 to 15?

Yep the Recoyle. It is a force based Rune arm, so Force II. It has a max charge of 3 which is not bad. The level 13 ones are charge 4. Is has Anathema which reduces spell hate. Let Fopo take the hate this time. And has four crafting levels. On the down side it is a shot weapon of which as above I am not currently a fan as well as having Superior Impulse V. There are two arty spells that do force damage, Elemental Prod at lvl 3 and only damages elementals. And Tactical Detonation lvl 6 which is out side of this rune arm’s range. Oh Prismatic Strike does a little force damage and is level 5 so… win?

Anyway that is my current thoughts on rune arms. I will need to play with them some in real combat. The training dummy only is so so as a weapon test platform.

Tomorrow… Stats?


3 thoughts on “My Arty Life: Rune Arms

  1. For best use of Rune Arms: Max all enhancements that allow faster charging and tiers so they don’t slow you down as you run and can rapidly recharge.

    Khyber’s Fury: Excellent in mass destruction of dungeons filled with breakables; easy to aim.

    Hand of the Tombs: Disruption. Very hard to find in Wizard-King’s Tomb.

    The Disciplinator: Smiting. Very hard to get through Vault of Night/Dragon.

    Glorious Obscenity: Seeker +6, easy-aim, acid destroyer; excellent Blood Stone substitute, completely deadly to most non-construct, non-extraplanar, most living foes. Long-range. Absolutely deadly on fast recharge.

    Tira’s Splendor: Adds Silver DR to any weapon you wield. Great for melees. Healing amp 20% and Deathblock a bonus. Light damage. Found only in same place where you farm for Icy Raiment outfit.

    Lucid Dreams: Very deadly against elemental-resistant foes with Force damage.

    Aiming is key, which is why I favor the “Glob.” Very easy to use and really devastating. The dummy really isn’t a bad test bed.

  2. I didn’t read the whole thing (I try to avoid reading much about artis to cut down the urge to impulse-buy arti rather than waiting for it to go on sale ’cause I’m a cheapskate…), but I’m thinking that a BTA runearm would remain BTA after crafting – just like crafting on a BTA blank. And I believe most of the end-reward RAs are BTA. Unbound chestloot RAs would likely go BTC when crafted

  3. I mostly used Pea Shooter and Recoyle.

    I think Recoyle has increased hate generation for spells (and rune arms) at least according to item description. (Increases hate +25%)

    “A part of his spirit lingers on, and is STILL causing you problems.” πŸ˜€

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