My Arty Life: Beginning Thoughts

With my question/s from yesterday answered. Thanks to everyone that had helpful information btw. I think I can start to share my thoughts and fears of playing an arty in no particular order of importance.

I might really like the arty class a lot, and I am worried might want to stay that way for a while.
How do I fit my current gear load out in to an arty build.
The strongest build is an melee/arm/caster build.
Seems strange not using as much ranged on a ranged focused class.
Are the dogs going to be a help or an hindrance?
What rune arms to use as I currently want to return to a Wiz/rog build, any crafting I do will need to be on disposable rune arms….
Lots of feats seven regular + a bonus feat every 4 levels or 5 total bonus feats == 12 feats (+1human??)
Construct Essence feels real good from a super self reliant point of view. But how great is 50% of a reconstruct spell?

So those are the main thoughts floating around in my head right now.

Lets pick one and examine it a wee bit.

Lots of Feats: 12 to 13 feats 5 which have to come off a list. Ones that I can think of off the top of my head are: (again not in an order of importance.. )
Augment Summoning
Construct Essence
Dragonmark of Making 1 (If Human)
Dragonmark of Making 2 (If Human)
Dragonmark of Making 3 (If Human)
Wiz past life
Barb Past life
Rog past life?
Metamagic Feat
Heighten Spell
Maximize Spell
Quicken Spell
Power Attack

Extend seems good but a quick look at the arty spell list and it is not good enough.
Ranged feats? Just because I am not planing to focus on ranged doesn’t mean I never want to range. This monk/rogue life has been harder do to the lack of a good ranged attack.
Do I build for AC? It seems feasible at least while leveling. There are 2-3 “needed” feats if I wanted to do that.

Lets look at one more topic, My banked gear:
I have a lot of goodies that I have from when I was a caster that will help out a lot as an Arty.
CordOp sp bracers/Torc (leveling with a both is amazing)
Stormreaver’s Napkin – a finer leveling tool/slot for int and +1 Dcs I don’t think is out there.
Int,Chr, dex, Str tod rings and some of their set pieces
My GS rapiers will make a comeback Along with most of my GS minus the Kamas and Bow.
My uber quiver will remain uber, will need to grab a stack of returning bolts forget making stacks all day long I could be getting xps.
My amp gear will help off set my healing penalty a lot if I am not taking care of myself.

It might be worth the effort to make a Ring of Master Artifice like level 12t2 super quickly leave it BtA for leveling other permanent Arties/WF blue bar people..

Well that is enough for today. Tomorrow lets look at Rune Arms…..

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