A Complex Question??

Samius is almost capped, and Samyus is not so far away that I can’t finish him up with a few raids and a few runs in the IQ and whatnot.

So it is time to start thinking about the next life. Right now I think that is going to be Arty, don’t be surprised if the next few posts have a lot of thoughts and fears I have about the Arty class. But that is not the topic of today’s post.

Today I want to know more about how the bonus crafting levels from Artificer Craft Mastery and the Marks of Making work? This is what the ddowiki has to say

“Your crafting level is first calculated based on what your current experience total would put you at, then the Artificer bonus levels are added. This means you save dramatically on leveling costs and time, particularly at higher crafting levels”

That is totally clear now! No wait I am still lost.

This is what I get, it I am 100 in all schools now when I hit 20 arty levels I wil count as if I am 110 is all schools. If I take all the Marks that is 10 more levels so 120. So my % for success moves up and allows me to make higher level shards, but how is the xp rewarded? Is it with or with out the bonus levels? Will it be worth being human and taking the making marks for the bonus levels xp wise?

Okay maybe my question/s is not that complex. ;P

Even so it is important to me as my Arty life is just a pit stop on my path to completionist but if I can knock another 20-30 ish permanent crafting levels and stock up on some harder to make shards and then TR and retain a sizable amount of gain then a pure human arty might be they way to go. If that doesn’t seem likely then splashing a few “evasion levels” and choosing dwarf or halfling might be an worth wild race if just to get back into my “normal body” and feel more like Samius for a while.

So what do you know about crafting levels post Arty life?

5 thoughts on “A Complex Question??

  1. The bonus levels from the Dragonmarks of Making and Artificer levels only increase your total crafting levels and do nothing to your earned crafting XP.

    XP is awarded as if you did not have the extra crafting levels. If you start with 30 crafting levels and are a capped artificer with all 3 dragonmarks, you are considered a level 50 crafted. However for XP purposes, you are still seen as a level 30 crafter.

  2. What sacred said. And yes – I found it absolutely worth the effort to be human and take the Making marks. The marks themselves don’t offer too much of a benefit outside of crafting, unless you play with warforged frequently, but they can be a nice way to give your Iron Defender some hit points as well.

  3. 12x^2-7xi+12. Duh.

    (I used to know the ALT-#### code for squared. I’ve clearly since forgotten it, but at least I know ¼, ½, ¾, and º…)

    And my gimpy hagglebard crafterbot loves the Marks of Making, even though that just leaves her with three actually useful feats (8 – 3 Marks – Negotiator – Skill Focus (Haggle) = 3 useful feats). But oh so worth it. And I’m so glad I wasn’t the one to answer this… sorry, Samius, but you’re SO not my type *g*

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