Doing The CaveMan

Do I tweeted that I found an acceptable alcoholic drink and stay trueish to my peleo- diet and I got a few replies wanting both some rough details on what I mean by caveman diet and an update as to how living peleo as been for me. And while I am doing some gear progections for my fighter post level 20 and again with some gear grinding a simple/quick post is in order.

What is peleo?

The idea in a nut shell is we have been around as humans for a long time. And have adapted to our diet over that time. And when we eat things that we don’t have a long history of eating our bodies don’t do such a good job of handling those foods.

So if we look at our fossil records we have a clear history of about 12 thousand years. Those bones give a fairly clear picture of hunting (fishing) and gathering for about the first 10ish thousand years. Our for fathers were leaner, faster, heather then we are today.

Then about 2-3 thousand years ago we started to learn that we could take the seeds of grasses and other thinks that normally would be food for our food and posses it and eat it. And while we started to get sick more often we didn’t go as hungry as often….

Again you can see clear signs of illness when villages learn to farm.

What that means in my diet?

I have cut out as many foods and food stuffs that don’t have a track record of being around for 5-12 thousand years or their modern equivalent. And I follow a rough idea of what we think cave mens diet was, about 40% fruits/veggies/other and about 60% meats. And I try to keep the processed food out. And no grains or legumes.

So a typical Monday -Friday lunch for me is a meat (ie steak) and a side of veggies, like today a few turkey dogs and asparagus.

The big question, does it work?

Well I am not a weight guy. I wouldn’t own a scale if it wasn’t for my wife. I use meaning full things to try a judge my over all heath. So some meaning full results. I had to buy new pants for example. Even wearing shorts under my old pants I and a belt they where too big. I have more energy and find myself doing things like yard work of projects I put into the someday pile into the now pile. Lately I want to buy a petal bike and start riding to and from work. Oh and I had to add about 5 new holes to the belt I bought six months ago.

But for you weight people my office did a 2 month weight loss program where they payed people per pound lost. And in 2 months I dropped 30ish pounds. That was in the second and third month on the diet.

But the main thing is I have really bad migraines, and in the last 2 months or so I have only needed to take my meds twice. Where last year it was everyday some days twice a day.

Why am I so happy about finding something to drink?

Well there is no alcohol in the caveman world and I like to have a drink now and then to relax. Any one that has heard a Ddo Cocktail Hour show can attest, I like to kick back from time to time. So what is this magic drink? Agave Tequila.

I will be happy to answer any questions I can on going Peleo left in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Doing The CaveMan

  1. I think you should take your diet one step further and – live – like a caveman. You can only eat the things you kill, gut, skin and then prepare, and/or the fruits and stuff you gather during your walks in the woods.

    Congrats on the weight loss, though! I too am trying to lose weight. Turbine’s building has a gym in it, been doing some exercise, which is pretty foreign to me…

    You do know that beer dates back at least to approximately the fifth millenium, BC, right? πŸ™‚

    • Someday i will live more like a caveman. In fact i am thinking of raising chickens and bunnies, and i really want a goat but city ordnance says no…

      Weight lose is more of a perk for me then the goal. I just want my head to stop hurting all the time. And maybe want to do something other then play ddo all the time.

      And beer comes from grains which our body still doesn’t handle well. that is why we have a beer guts and not steak bellies… Or in your case Fo-stake bellies. πŸ™‚

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