Almost There!

Last night I talked Tobril in to running my fighter through elite Sins. It has great xp, very solid loot, lots of chests if you have the time to look for them. But mostly it is a really good place to test my current AC against very high to hit mobs in a quest that are mostly melee attacks. Sure we are not talking epic Lob to hit or anything. But for lvl 18 with no major grinding life it not bad.

So a little update by taking level 18 and third tear of the defender PRE; my AC self buffed is 76. 77 if something does hit and procs my air guard. No gear updates yet. But I will be hunting for my Tod set Asap!

So how did I do?

Not too bad. I was not 95% miss tank guy but I would say in the 60-70% range which is not bad for a 18 in a level 21 quest. I did find that a displacement was very helpful. This run was the first time I felt that I wanted one. Think that says something about were I felt my AC was and is now….

On the plus side (I think) I was the only one that didn’t have an soul stone show up at some point. Although it was real close at one point and Fopo ended up saving me. My barkskin ran out and I lost 5 Ac and my damage intake tripled and I went to neg 9. Fo was able to throw me a cure off a wand and I was able to pot up until he got a heal scroll off in my direction.

I have room now to better things a point or four before getting into epic items. But right now I am just waiting for 20 to hit so I can start a major gear up with epics and some big raiding.

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