GlowBall Killers

Not too long ago, I talked about weapons in your golf bag. And the idea of keeping things simple and as light as possible. You don’t “need” banes for every monster type. Where a good general purpose weapon will do nicely.

That said I have a quest or two that I do believe in having gear that I pull out of the bank when I run it. And the top of that short list is Running with the Devils. Yes I am talking about my Glowball killers.

I bring it up for a few reasons. One: because both Trs I am leveling did their Elite Runs over the weekend. Every run had some issues but weapons where not an issue for my boys, even if I had to craft one up for Samyus. Two because I think I have been making my weapons wrong…

Just a quick run down of the different elite devil runs.

The first run was Samyus, Tobril’s (2nd life) wizard, Fopo on his lighting spec Sorc (3x tr), Wife’s Barb (2nd life) And trash hires for heals and rez. This run was the second hardest of the runs I did. Full group but not everyone was gear out for the guest we did it but there were a few deaths…. The comment was made “See why you have such a hard on for this quest!” directed at me. 🙂

Second run we had a few swaps and Tobril had to run. So it was Samius, Fopo (same alt as first run), Wife (her first life Air sorc) Phlor (one of his many Pallys) And hirelings. I knew this run would be a challenge but I honestly thought Samius would carry the day. If the balls took electric damage it would have been a cake walk but as they don’t loosing a stunning dpser was hard. Ending up calling it as the second huge room of balls were just too much.

Third run, as I had a bad taste in my mouth from the failure of the previous night. I got up early and soloed it on Samius. This was by far the easiest of the runs. If the longest. I spent 20 mins slowly beating down the 4 air elementals. I tumble weed in Kansas doesn’t get blown around as much as I did… Went afk with one of the final bosses left to kill, and let the wife come in and finish it.

Lets talk about gear for this quest. One there are 2 items that I know of to help with the massive light damage you will be taking. Shroud of the Abbott and the Epic cloak from the Carnival quests. I say help not stop, not on elite anyway as 20 or 30 off of 100 is still a ton of damage but if your a TR on a elite streak believe me get a shroud of the Abbott it helps a ton. Or two if your able to get a gold seal hireling to suspend your streak and run normal/hard. Gold seals can now be used 2 levels lower then normal hirelings.

Weapons: Cannith crafting is gold here. This is what I made Samyus: +3 Unholy Cold Iron Falchion of Greater Chaotic Outsider Bane. It might be a little over the top but I wanted those balls dead. Samyus I think has a +5 Unholy Cold Iron/maul of Chaotic Outsider Bane. Yes I have two weapons for this quest. One for monk core builds and one for everyone else.

But here is the deal, these are not what I should be using. Neither of these weapons add to my stun Dcs. And they should. So I had to go back and forth from my stunners and dps. Where if I had +x unholy of Stunning +6 (+6 is the best I can craft I think) I would have not had swap issues. Anyway something to think about.

2 thoughts on “GlowBall Killers

  1. crafted unbound weaps for my alts… to quote a very famous band…

    I am believer!!!

    Now I need to craft my uber unholy weaps for my main…

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