My much Anticipated Ac List

I know what your going to say, “You have been working on this for weeks?” And I am going to say, yep! If you know better then you can post something in the comments but I am kinda an AC noob. I have been playing Ddo for a while now, says my signup date was March 3, 2006. And other then Samius once having a 65 ac when the cap was level 16 (fairly sure the stars happened to align on that one too) the last few months has made me want to better my AC knowledge. It has taken me this long to get things moving.

So here is my planed AC break down for level 20 and beyond…

The dayi turn 20 I have a few things waiting for Samyus
10 base
+16 AC – Cavalry Plate
+2 Alchemical Dodge – Armor and Shield
+8-10 Max Dex – Greater Nimbleness, 3 from Defender PRE,
+ possible 2-3 more from Ap if I can get my dex mod upto fill it
+8 shield – Epic Swashbuckler (Tier 3)
+9 shield – random Epic shield i have laying around Like Ward of Undeath

+4 Insight – Superior Parrying from Epic Chimera’s Fang
+5 Protection – Shield_of_Faith from Least Dragonmark of Sentinel
+5 Nat Armor – Epic Chimera’s Crown
+3 AC Dodge bonus – level 16 Bracers of Wind
+1 AC Dodge bonus – level 16 Bracers of Wind (Cannith crafted)
+2 AC Dodge bonus – Trinket/goggle crafting/ upgraded HoGF
+4 Dodge bonus – Superior Defensive Stance
+1 Dodge feat
+5 Combat expertise

+1 Kobold Shaman
+1 Deneith Defender
+1 Kundarak Battlemaster
+1 Haste

For a total of 79 more or less just by leveling to 20 and making epic items I already have or mostly have. I am missing the shard for the Fang right now but as I am making the guild run eTTT every chance I get it is only a matter of time.

Now assuming I get lucky here and there I hope to have my defender ToD set simi quickly. That is another +2. I am willing to grind out a 3 piece Greater Might of the Abishai set for another +3 Profane boost. Thinking Charged Gauntlets, Envenomed Cloak, Boots of Corrosion. Also the guild is just starting to hit up the new epics and I hope to get the Epic Templar’s Bulwark, an epic tower shield with a +11 shield bonus and a 4 max dex base (so getting it to 8 is fairly simple). All that would make my AC 86 self/ship buffed.

If it turns out I don’t need my blue slots on the armor or shield for Greater Nimbleness then making them +7 is possibly 2 more Ac on top of that or 88.

For raiding I like to think I can count on +2 Recitation. Maybe +4 bard and even +2-4 from a Pally aura. So even rolling back to my right away at level 20 AC (79) with some help I can be buffed to 85 easily. And super geared out and buffed at 95ish…

But is that good enough?

Suulomades from VOD is Attack Bonus: 56/62/71 n/h/e so Hard is fairly simple even right away.

Xy’zzy from Hound, doesn’t have her bonuses listed in the wiki. But I have tanked her before and I say compares to Suulomades.

ToD should be fine right away upto Hard and I think I could tank normals while leveling up :).

eChronoscope has a few (mini) bosses, But the main boss is listed as having a BaB of 100. Which means full dps/hate mode it is.

LoB… the wiki has his BaB at 78/82/91/107 n/h/e/epic so hmmm sometimes? So full dps/hate mode most of the time….

Now for epic trash… There is not a lot of information here on their BaB but I am going to guess that an 85 Ac should be fairly solid against most etrash..

Clearly there is lots of wiggle room in AC if your a defender fighter but even a little work can make you a normal tank..

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