My Best Mate

Let me say Tobril is my best mate. He was my best man. When I have issues I talk them out with him. I started playing Ddo because he played and as he moved 7 hours away it was one of the only ways to hang out together. So in a way you can thank him for CtH, this blog everything that I have done for the Ddo community.

All that said he can be a jerk. So can I so it is not a big deal. πŸ™‚

Last night, once I figured that the wife was not going to log on. I set the TR train up for some xp I knew she didn’t really want to bother with. And that was smooth and as fast as you can expect. With the xp pots running, xp tomes, and bravery bonus I made a 1k a min in most runs. Man some quests are just bad xp.

Anyway after that I talked the group into helping Phlor get the last bits for his sigil frame. He needed 1,2,4, and some randoms. So of to Vol. Tobril and Fopo on their casters ran off and did the quest while Phlor and I got the traps β€œfor the xp” not to stay out of their red skulling path…. everyone passed their pieces and all we needed was the piece from Fleshmakers and Ghosts.

Right here Fopo decided his lag was killing his good time and logged for the night.

So we had to melees and our wizard. Off to Fleshmakers. We are zerging along everything is going well until that named golem with the apprentices.

Last time we were here I cleared the apprentices and had the golem to about a 1/3 left when out of no where Tobril disintegrates him. Not this time. I run past everything invisible. Start the fight, kill 2 of the 4 apprentices stone one and stun the other and get started on the golem. Phlor shows up and kills an apprentice. And I almost have the named dead.. BAM! That little SoB did it again. 2 for 2 time this life. We laughed and had a good time.

That is why he is my best mate. He totally remembered that he snipped me last time and he waited this time to snipe me again. What a wanker!

I am so going to snip the hell out of him next time I level up a caster and he is on a melee….:)

Side Note* I have one PAX code to give away atm. If you want it, Rank this post AND leave a comment that includes a short story about your best mate. I will roll for a winner on Monday.


4 thoughts on “My Best Mate

  1. That’s pure genius. The caster and I did precisely that last night to our poor monk fellow-in-crime. Hehehe. He worked on some dude to like 5 HP and BOOM comes fireball. Or BAM a bolt to the head. Evil πŸ˜›

  2. Short story required? Heh… probably not gonna win, then.

    I, too, have a really good bud that used to be local, but then moved away because he hated his job and he needed something new.

    So, Kosta will occasionally log on and join me to play DDO (he fell into all that SWATOR shit). πŸ™‚ We also do PnP and include Kosta remotely using Google Hangout. We previously used Skype in conjunction with Illuminate. But, Illuminate (whiteboard software for dungeon drawing) went defunct, and Google Hangout has Cocoa, which is not too bad.

    So, thanks to video games and technology, I get to “hang” with my bud Kosta on a pretty regular basis despite the miles between us. It’s not the same as having your bud “right there,” but it is a far cry better than the alternative of not hanging out at all.

  3. That kind of play is what makes friends..friends. Had anyone else did that to you the post would have been much longer and much angrier. A friendship like you at Mr.T have is hard to come by these days. Good luck on the “get bak”…LOL

  4. Nice story. My friend Evan doesn’t play any more but I can relate a story.

    Couple of years back when we played WoW together he was going to help me and a few others in my guild run a quest. We scheduled it for this one night after work.

    Evan was in another raiding guild and capped. He also had all of his raid gear meanwhile my guild was a low level and I was like 30+ levels lower than him.

    Anyway, we all get to the quest entrance and we are about to start. He goess AFK. So me and my guildmates are clearing the first room. It was kinda tough but we did it.

    Well Evan gets back on headset and says guys I gotta go and will tell you at work.

    So I am all pissed off and we ended up not running the quest.

    The next day, Evan tells me the story that his family was freaking out and they told him the dog is dead. He replied “So what do you want me to do about it?” His wife and kids weren’t amused. So he went to investigate and low and behold the dog was laying on his bed, cold and definitely dead.

    I told him, I guess that’s acceptable.

    We laugh now….

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