Before last night I hadn’t earned any xp on Samius is 4 or 5 days. I try not to out pace the alt the wife is playing and generally keep the Tr Train together.

So last night when the wife was able to play again (guess there was nothing wrong with her pc… or so the shop claims.) Fopo’s family has left town, and Tobril has a quite few hours before the on call phone starts ringing again. I thought alright Xp time. And at this level 16-17 that means litany, litany, litany , litany, litany, litany, litany, litany, litany, litany, litany. Did I say litany?

With the four of us the quest went smoothly (elite btw). The Vol optional had an issue on the the other hand. Someone or a couple of someones was running way ahead pulling a large number of mobs, running past the necessary keys keeping the alert fairly high. But not at and unmanageable level, just melees in the back and zerging casters in the front. Until the wife asks for a sonic in chat. After a min or two I ask if she has gotten her buff. She answers negative, and I pull out a wand. Just then Fopo back petals into the room with myself and the wife, swears about hating undead and dies right in front of me. I take it he was scrolling the mobs and not himself when he died.

So he looses agro and the 10 or so mobs he had on him shift targets plus the 5 or so we already had. And I get hit by a sound burst. Something I have noticed while playing Samius; he will roll more 1s against a sound burst then any thing else ever. This time was no exception. Stunned.

Now I have been playing Samyus, his AC is about 72 or about 7 more then normally buffed Samius. I can swap weapons and change stances and get to 69 but that is not my normal setup.

Ten seconds of being stunned and I was smoked. If I didn’t know any better I would have sworn that Torrance diploed the trash on to me.

A quick rez, and rebuff and we were off again but there was a hick up. Go to smash the green crystals and Tobril has zoning in issues. We break stuff anyway and he Dcs.

He comes back and we start a hard run. Again he has zoning in issues and we complete the run and the optional before he gets back.

And the wife is done after those two quests… Big xp?

Fine I will save the rest of litany until tomorrow. And we Fopo and I (Tobril is still DCed) do Missing. Tobril gets in before we complete because we planed to run the chain. But after Missing Fopo is done…Big xp?

No big deal, Tobril and I will keep the train rolling. And step in to the warehouse quest and he repeats his stuck in loading screen/Dc issues. And I give up, frustrated.

Thanks for reading, hope your game is smoother then mine was last night.

2 thoughts on “Frustrated.

  1. You made me laugh so hard, I’m sorry. That was hilarious.

    My day was just as bad. Didn’t get XP in cause I did some required raids. Both were a complete mess and not one piece of named loot for anyone. YAY, not.

    Hope today is better for everyone!

  2. Today will be much better, connection issues are straightened out.

    I could even be persuaded to not run past any and all monsters with the intention of killing like 100 things at once. ;p

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