Knowing when to Throw in the Towel

Last night it was just Fopo and I from the TR train. Think Phlor was on but not replying in chat… Once I got on Fopo had already decided to Solo OOB on his off train alt. So looking around I decided to try to solo elite Litany (with a healbot).

If you have never ran Litany, let me tell you it is a great little quest. Lots of easy to kill but big damage dealing mobs, with lots of variety. Lots of tweak skills traps to dodge. But they don’t take tons of skills to be honest. And then a classic dnd riddle instead of a final fight. But then after the quest is done there is more…. Just a great quest. If your skipping it for some reason, don’t.

Anyway; I pop in on my fighter. And summon my nanny bot. For three reasons, one it had 5 mins left on it, two because there is a mini fight were the “boss” had an aura that does stat damage and I figured it would be easier to have the healer use the heal spell then to try to drink lesser restore pots. Not that I couldn’t have… And three longer then 5 min deathwards….

The run goes smooth until my hireling gets quelled, and dies fighting an gargoyle. 😦 I dismiss and keep moving. I complete with no issues after that.

Then I think… Well I can try for a boss. If nothing else I can net a fast 3-4k extra xp and then jump out if it is too hard. Well moving along and my clickly death ward runs out real close to a shrine. As soon as it is gone I take a zillon negs and fail a slay living. Grrrr. But the shrine……. Having some cakes from the egg hut I self rez and get to the shrine. But the bats in the room spawn and the alert goes orange and I get stunned and beaten to death. Rez off the shrine and worry about my AC and HP first things. Cleave the bats down but I start having issues with the vamp divine in the room. So I step out to heal up and the trash out side the room notices me and joins the fun…

I spend 5 mins running around a pillar in the room with the shrine. Potting up and then working on a vamp or two then moving when I see a vamp casting. It was rough but after a few neg levels come and go I clean the room. And shrine.

Hurrying along I net my bonus xp finally. Only taking 5 or 6 mins longer then I planed. Not to mention all the pots and the rez cake.

Get to the end fight clear the trash and I start working on the high priest. But I can’t keep up with his regen and drink pots. Out comes a store hireling, and she helps. But as soon as I summon her the high priest starts to spam greater command. Switching to my spell absorption item I get a till time to try and weed him down while keeping repawning trash down. But it runs out and I am on the ground again….

To the store again, this time for an arcane to help with his regen. Get everything rolling and almost at the same time I get commanded, the divine gets held and the arcane gets tripped by a dog or something. The hirelings die. Looking at the priest’s health shows him full.

Finally it hits me, I am in over my head and port to the market.

Had I left at the first death I would have saved a ton of time and resources. I could have ran Litany on hard and normal and then ran the optional bosses on normal or even casual. Not like there is loot in the optional bosses’ chests anyway.

Often I will push through or try to push through regardless of the cost because of personal satisfaction. Hey I like saying things like my TR train did elite Tor all dragons at level. Or my fighter soloed X on elite. But sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel and cut your losses.

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