An Off Weekend

So this weekend was very strange. I took off work a half hour early to watch the new American Pie movie. And I totally loved it. Think I have said it before but I am a fan of these kind of movies. If you liked the first two or all the rest like myself then you will like this last one.

Friday night after the movie, there were not a lot of peeps online so the wife and I ended up questing alone on our off train alts. My fighter Samyus (lvl16) and her Sorc (lvl17), looking at the possible quest list we decided to do Missing. That might not have been the best call but I figured it would be do able. 77 mins and 2 cakes later we won. On the plus side I think I have it down in side and out now. And that was more or less Friday night.

Saturday, I knew bad weather was going to be heading our way in the afternoon so we spent the morning with a run to the store and doing some yard work, moving plants getting some projects tied down and whatnot. But when the storm didn’t hit on time, we ran to the hardware store to buy some piping. I have and idea to turn and old trampoline in to a green house. So while we were out is when the storm rolled in, and I forgot my pipes. We needed up buying stuff for other projects but not the items for what I am working on.

That night was hard, Torrance wanted to stream netflix and I wanted to Ddo some, normally that is not an issue but lately we have been having issues. And checking my email/twitter is hitting ddo real hard. Streaming Netflix becomes a 30 secs of normal play and 20+ secs of total lag out over and over again for who ever is playing Ddo. 😦 Think at least some of our internet issues comes from a loose hanging phone cord wiping around in the wind. And the last two days were super windy.

But even so Fopo and I were able to team up and do Inferno with our off train alts. Have I said that Ac is cool lately?

Btw, more then 100 tornadoes touched down in Kansas Saturday night. I said F it and went to bed simi early.

Sunday we go out and clean things back up. No damage to speak of for my house. I haven’t hear from my renters yet and they had a tornado just a mile or so away touch down. But my sister in law didn’t have any damage and she is just down the street from my rental. So I am thinking we are all good here.

Go to log on after lunch and the wife’s computer doesn’t work. Do a little trial and error and it is not anything I can fix. But I lost most of Sunday to that.

So like I said it was an off weekend. Maybe if I am lucky when she takes her computer in it will be a quick fix and then we can get her going again. And then if I can get the phone company over to look at our system and get things fixed back up because two weeks ago we could both play, stream a show/movie and do some web surfing with no issues, that is what I am paying for that is want I expect.

Anyway back to Ddo talk tomorrow.

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