Simplifying your Golf Bag.

I don’t know about you but I live a strange place in between I need the right tool for the job and the want of a good multi tool. I bring this up because some resent email chains between some of my guildies. They totally believe in having the right tool for the job at all times.

I totally understand where they are coming from but I remember learning my lesson. Back in one PnP campaign I had a sword caddy hireling that more or less just stayed behind me and handed me the right sword for what ever mob I was facing off against. I remember one fight where I think the DM totally set me up. I would often send out a sword at a time to be “upgraded”. Say my +1 undead bane sword would go out and I would get it back +1 acid of undead bane. And so on. I don’t remember the details, but I had just sent out my sword to fight a given monster. Say my flaming sword to get Flaming Burst-ed for a troll. When I realized what had happened it was a good laugh for the whole group. And a running joke during that campaign.

So I just want to quickly skim the contents of my typical golf bag.

Boss beater/s – silver(cold iron)/good aligned/if lucky baned
Portal beater – this doubles as my construct killer
Undead weapon
Trash weapon
Defensive weapon – like a bodyfeeder or vamp or both…(When possible I combine this into my normal Trash weapon)
Multi tool melee – in most of my cases it is some kind of Ghost touched Flame touched maul of everbright.
Multi Tool ranged – Depends on the build a lot.
Glow ball killer – this is my only real unitasker. (and only for one quest 😉 )

Do I keep a few other weapons handy depending on the build? Yes but not many. My fighter had a vorpal sword before I got him to his slayer ring. And I am sure I still have banishers on some some guys… But for the most part if they don’t fit in that list then I don’t have it.

6 thoughts on “Simplifying your Golf Bag.

  1. When I first started playing and leveling Rasp, I had a something for everything. At the time I used maces so I had a paralyzer, a smiter, a boss beater, ghost touch, a boss beater, holy, flaming, cold, acid…I had one whole tool bar dedicated to my weapons that I’d switch back and forth between as the mobs dictated.

    Now, my characters usually have 3-4 weapons each. I lag too much too switch between weapons like I used to 😛

  2. My only problem is I can’t decide if I should use my calloway woods or stay with Ping set.

    I have to admit, I love using my 1 and 2 iron off of the tee’s. People get freaked out when bring either on out of my golf bag.

  3. Light Shintao III Monks have it easy going off the tee. Hell, it’s like we don’t hardly need to bring a club.

    Since we are inherently Silver, all we need is a ToD Holy Burst ring, a set of Vampiric Stonedust Wraps, some Unstable Handwraps and a Stunning +10 set For Massive Damag–uh, I mean, scores off the green.

    Uh–what is this golf thing we speak of, anyway…?

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