Feels like cheating, prt2

I was playing my fighter again last night for all of one quest before running the easy epics (I need bits for items when my fighter is capped) But when that quest is elite litany with Phlor tagging along you can really see the difference between an Ac tank and a dps melee.

To be fair I don’t know how many if any ship buffs Phlor had as he was in the zone from logging off once we finished his sigil and didn’t want to take the time to run to the boat and back again.. I was able to get them all so there might have been a difference there, the travel marks mean I am not far from anything really.

So we are off. The first room is fine. But by the second fight I see huge a difference in our life bars. I am about 450 of 580 and Phlor is at 140 of 450 (numbers are not exact, but close). Running across the spining traps I lag/miss jump and take a hit for 140 ish. So I am near half hp. Phlor uses that blue bar to good effect and heals up, while I clear the weeps and the quell. Eat a ham. Clear to the mini boss. I am at 450ish again so is Phlor.

Knock out the trash mobs, starting with the caster and focus on the Blackbone. I don’t take a lot of damage but some as I swap out of my +4 incite weapon. But I am taking a lot of stat damage and I have to drink restore pots but I can’t seem to keep up on pots alone. Phlor helps out as he is able but when I have taken enough con damage I fall to less then 100 hp I start moving and drinking. Phlor good touches me (I think his last one) and heals the damage but it take 9 or so restore pots to fix all my Hp. Once my Hp is back I turn to face the Bbone we don’t have any issues dropping him before any more big stat damage comes in. Ham and a few restore pots and move on.

The spawn pit is different. I have to tell Phlor it is okay to hide to heal up twice. But I don’t think he does and he drinks pots and keeps going. I intimate as often as it is off timer and keep as much agro as I can. There was a hot streak where my ghost touch disrupter one shotted everything for about two mins.

That trapped fall got Phlor as he turned right when he should have gone left or something like that he said. I jump out in to the trap just as I get a huge lag spike. And just was hanging out just inside the first trap. Turns out I got hit twice for 140 or so before getting freed leaving me with more then 300 hp. And as I didn’t get hit again completing was easy enough.

There is some talk on some of the different my.ddo blogs on how casters are stronger then melee and you all know me I love my casters but this guy is a handful of changes away from my ideal character. If he was and Helf vs human he could have taken one of the dilettante lines to self heal a little faster. Pots, hams and vamp weapons only do so much. Heal, Rez, Restore scrolls would make life a lot easier. Other wise this guy is golden. And was not too bad to gear out while leveling. Now to gear him at end game for the epics/elite raids I have in mind for him…….

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