Sometimes I am Dumb.

Dumb is too strong… how about bull headed?

So last night I had a clear plan. Get the needed goblets to finish my bracers send things to Samyus upgrade them, switch to Samius and see about earning a few crafting levels and try and make a +2 dodge shard to go onto said bracers. Finish the last little bit of xp needed to level Samyus to 16. Win/Profit…

Getting the goblets takes two runs. Think I am finally getting the hang of it. I still don’t know why I was having so much troubles getting all the key bits before on some of the first runs, but I get right around 200 cups a run at level 19. I don’t know if it is the level difference from 19 to 20 or some scaling but it seems that on 19 alone there is about half the trash spawns. Which is both good and bad.

Move on to passing everything over to Samyus and making the final tear. No problem there. Jump out to GH and get the last 10 explorers and out to the Orchard for 5 or 6 explorers there and level up to 16. Plus one more AC.

Swap to Samius, turns out my Elemental crafting was 78. So I only need 12 – 13 levels to grind out for a 50% shot at making my Dodge +2 shard. After 30 mins of making shards and breaking them down for bits I end up with my shot. Bam first try: Consumed: 21 Greater Air Essences, 224 Lesser Air Essences. Created: Shard of Dodge +2!

Switch to Samyus run to the bank and alter. Add the shard, Fail…. Max level achieved??? Try again. Same error. Run to the decon alter, clear the item run back. Same error. Then I look. Bracers of Wind have +3 crafting. Dodge +2 is a level 4 shard. Frack!

Okay jump back to Samius, make a +1 dodge shard and back again. That was my back up plan after all. Add it to the bracers with no issues. Try to equip, can’t? They are now level 20. Doh!

I knew that adding powers to the Cannith items raises or lowers the level. Yes you can lower the level with a Masterful Craftsmanship shard if you want to and don’t add anything else….

So I end up clearing the item again so I can use them now. Buy a new store trinket add the +2 dodge. So ended up with +2 more Ac about 2 hours of time wasted trying to add +2 dodge to the bracers and waist I don’t even know what a dodge +1 shard costs. But right now Samyus has a 70/71 self buffed Ac. Using items/feats that are not that hard to come by. Okay the crafting stuff can take awhile but other then that nothing is super duper hard to do.

Ran a Pop with Phlor afterward to flag him for Tor. I have ben having issues with the router lately. Fairly sure it is going out again. Someone needs to call AT&T and get a new one sent. But it plays Ddo fine as long as one person is playing or just is playing. But the wife is watching Battle Star Galactica while I am trying to do all this. So there is a lot of 5 seconds of play 5 secs of freeze. So it was frustrating but I could be totally lagged out with mobs all over me but I was almost untouchable. That is a good feeling. Now I just need to do the same at cap in Elite/Epic raids???


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I am Dumb.

  1. Personally I use the DDO game guide, it include puzzle solvers, maps, quests and more importantly – crafters.

    That way I will always craft everything there first to make sure I know what’s needed and if the ML is going to be higher after I’m done crafting or in the case of set crafting level – if it can fit.

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