400ish Jeweled Goblets

We caught started late on out Tuesday epics last night. Mainly because I wanted to get some more challenges out of the way for Samyus’ Bracers of Wind. I think Monday I talked a little about his current AC of 71 with Phlor’s Pally Aura hitting for 2 or so. And did a rough over view of how his Ac is fairly good for his level. Well today I want to go over my rough plan for the next few levels. And maybe even touch on cap some.

Dodge bonus is the biggest X factor in Ac today. There are only a handful of ways to get more dodge bonus and most of them take up a slot all on there own. But with some planing and a lot of work anyone can work them in now thanks to the New crafting system and challenge turn-ins.

Right away at 16 Samyus can swap to the Bracers of Wind for a gain of one. And I will have to see but I hope to boost my elemental crafting into range of the +2 dodge shard. Think right now I am 90ish/80ish/70sih in the different schools. Arcane/Divine/Elemental… Which is good enough to make the +1 dodge shards but to far way from the +2 to try right now. Think you have to be with in 10 to try to make a shard. Want to day the +2 dodge shard is level 99… So I might have to live with putting the +1 on the bracers for now. Which will be find in the short term as my trinket slot is +3 nat armor/+1 dodge which as long as I am using the ranger past life feat the +3 nat armor is wasted. So it will open my trinket up to full time Bloodstone?

But that leaves me the goal of earning 400 more Jeweled Goblets in any case to go to tear 3. Speaking of challenge crafting; I think a will also need to make an epic Slayer Ring. Fully upgraded it keeps man-slayer. Removes the need for a Bloodstone or a Ghost touch weapon. And has two epic slots, colorless and a yellow. It is a crazy good ring.

I plan to use the eChimera’s Crown and Fang at cap. I need to decide if I want to go all out at cap and swap to the Sentinel marks at cap for the full bonus on the Fang or keep the travel marks (which I <3). I will already have one feat swap to remove the ranger past life feat. But with 4 planed Epic slots on “permanent” items there is a lot of wiggle room for stat items.

Anyway I need to really start looking at his final gear layout. And when I have a simi solid list you will get it and you all can comb over it with a fine tooth comb.

As always comments in the Comment box. And if you want more on my take on Ac and melee’s use that little ranking system.

One thought on “400ish Jeweled Goblets

  1. Best check the forums to see if Craftability actually shows up on Tier 3 items, they’re not showing up as an addition in the barter box (just shows “effects removed: Upgradeable Tier 2 – Effects added: Upgradeable Tier 3” or somesuch).

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