How do you Handle other Peoples Frustrations?

Well?Today’s title wasn’t just a title. It was a real question…. I will explain. Then use the comments and answer for me, okay.

Last night was a cry babyfest. Okay that was a little harsh, but not far from the mark. It started off with me tearing myself self up some because I failed a Dr. Rushmore (moving targets) run. Second one in a row, btw. Do to just not getting the right key things. I think it was mainly bad character choice, now that I am calm. I took Java. Who can not open locks. So there is two places I normally go for keys that I couldn’t. Then with 2 mins on the clock I am told about a boss in a room behind me. But it is one of those have to kill the elementals to get the boss. I tried to power through and just focus on the boss. But at about 3/4 life the guy would run away and he would be at full again by the time I got to him. At 60 secs I start to kill elementals and head in at 20 secs on the clock. But I am just not fast enough. 😦

Start my foul mood.

The TR train forms up, kinda surprisingly for a Monday. Fopo and Tobril both took the day off I guess… Looks like Tor time. I like Tor, a lot. Fast Xp. Good loot. Good challenge. Turns out Samyus needs crucible. Off we go for the 3 time on elite in so many days. Good thing I like this guest too. Nice and easy. Floor needs Madstone. I ask a few times to be sure that was all he is missing. But once we knock it out and pass around relics turns out he needs PoP too. But he doesn’t want to hold the train up anylonger and leaves group.

Tor, we move through the main quest quickly. There are a few accidental restarts of the end fight. But no big deal, until my rent a FvS dies with out me noticing I go for a heal and opps.. drink, drink drink. But it is not enough against those casters. And I croak leaving Tobril to handle our side alone. Which he does handily.

There is some decision about going for the Dragons on elite. I know Fopo, Torrance and I have had some fails and some wins going for the dragons on elite. We might not have had a win since I was a caster but that doesn’t feel right to me. Always feels like the last run was the one we won.

We struggle at dropping both the giant and the dragon at the same time. I think there was some miss management of some dot spells. And cometfall is a real trouble spell, wish it seemed that good when my divines use it. I call retreat and shrine up, as to not have to go to the pots to try a third attempt of killing them at the same time. 3 Dim doors fly open, I look around both bosses are heading my way and don’t see anyone else in the zone and take my DD. Turns out Torrance was just out of my sight. She falls and releases. So I decide not to try and do the dragons again on elite but go back after everyone gets to rebuff on hard. But we have a rage quit. Followed up with my own version of a “rage” quit.

Now for the bitching, I mean handling of others frustrations. Other then chewing my own ass for that fail to start the night. I have people complaining about other people via tells, via guild chat, over voice. People complain about having to redo content for others. People don’t like the settings I set the quest on or the optionals I want to do or not do. And so on.

Is everyone complaining to me or about me? No.
Does it feel like it? Fuck yes.
Are everyone’s complaints valid? Sure.

But if you don’t want to lead the group shut up. I ❤ everyone in my train/guild. I handle everyone’s little issues and I make the unpleasant calls that keeps everyone moving and more or less happy. But there will be nights were I am annoyed and my tolerance for whining will be lowered. And those nights I will happily strangle everyone in their sleep. I will be unhappy about it the next day but come on people your my other family.

So if you have any helpful advice please let me know. Because about 1 night a TR life something like this happens and I just want to strangle everyone and end up logging after 3 quests.

4 thoughts on “How do you Handle other Peoples Frustrations?

  1. I have often had many situations very similar to the one you described above and I’m sure other can relate likewise. So what do I do? Well, since I’m a cleric, its easy for me to simply rage and refuse to heal anyone who is getting my blood pressure up, but that’s rarely a good idea since it can often cost me my own life without having anyone to fight for me. So with that option out the window I’m left with only two fairly obvious choices, none of which are desirable; I can either wait the current quest out and make up some bogus excuse to leave afterwords, or put up with the annoyance and hope they/ or myself gets an attitude change, sometimes something as simple as sitting a quest out and grabbing a glass of water or some fresh air can help, but that becomes less of an option if your running a chain of some sort, or prerequisites to a raid; either way sometimes its necissary to just join a different group or blow through a lower level slayors to just blow off steam, nothing like the orchard in the upper necro to help a man cool off. Hope this helps.

  2. …well don’t worry.

    *bee bops for a bit*

    Be happy.

    Seriously, take a deep breath and remember that its just a game. If you cant find fun or humor in your routine, try changing your routine up a little bit.

    Others will get frustrated, but it will blow over. Take a deep breath, have a laugh, and try it again. 🙂

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