71 is a Smexy Number

I leveled Samyus up to 15 over the weekend and I have to say how impresses with the ease a fighter can get a meaningful Ac if they bother. Last night I spiked to a 71 standing next to Phlor, while he was playing one of his 18hundred pallys.

So lets do a simple break down of the current setup.

+5 mith fulplate
+5 mith tower shield
+5 dex mod using +6 dex boost and one dex is currently wasted 😦
+5 natural from Bark skin. In my case past life ranger… for now.
+5 Combat Expertise
+3 Dodge 1 from Cannith crafting, 2 from Thaarak Bracelet
+3 Stance
+4 incite from an old GS rapier (there are some perks to having an old gimp to TR into something good)
+5 deflection

Wow, so hard…

Next level is a huge step up and will include the first item for this guy I will “grind” to get, Bracers of wind level 16 tear3 (ideally with +2 dodge added via Cannith). I am 3 or 4 good runs away from having everything I need. Tried real hard to take a couple of the Defense guys in to some of the challenges and some of them just went pear shaped. Might have to have Fopo help me out soonish.

On a side note I have been rocking that same suit of +5 mith full plat for a long time. It has a skin I really like and whatever I try to replace it with is a point or two of an AC loss. But I have been thinking I have a lot of black scales. Like almost 40, just on Samius alone. What? Mired in Koblods was fun on every class with a good Dot or three. 🙂 And is very fun to “tank” with your sorc throwing heal scrolls at you. :p

A while back I was going to make a suit of black scale for Butterz because it looked Tux like and with the top hat very pimpish. At least in my mind. But I never made her a suit because I went E Utility Vest in stead.

But on Samyus the black scale might be a minor enough of a hit that I can afford to take it. And it would give a super helpful heal clickly. I don’t take a lot (if any) real damage from melee attacks. But I do get blasted to hell from spells like freezing/lighting ball and laser rays. So when big damage comes in from casters a few pots/hams doesn’t always cut it. That heal clicky might be a plat saver. Something to think about until my Calvary plate comes on line at 20.

As all ways, Thoughts/Questions in the comments.

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