I don’t need to Sleep

So much to do this weekend. Xp bonus weekend and the Traveler is back so I need to go ahead and turn things in this time around. I have large piles of the different turn in stuff on all my different alts. Wish we could move that stuff to other Alts so I can just make all the runs on one guy, say my bard so I can quickly sell the trash. Regardless I will have to try making some runs and making up some TR losses to my plat pile.

I also haven’t done the taxes yet. I should say I haven’t stood around and watched the wife do the taxes yet. I have just enough dyslexia to scramble numbers real bad. And scrambled numbers is bad for taxes.

It was a nice last weekend and we ended up doing some planting, this weekend is looking like more of the same. I am worried that all this sunshine might convince the wife that we need to do some more planting. I have a chicken coop, compost bin and solar dehydrator to make yet to.

Plus I need to move/setup the aquaponics outside. I really want to see it do well this summer. Running it in the basement I think was just too cold. But I have a line on a few larger tanks so I can do a main tank with fish and a buffer tank to clean the city water easier in larger amounts so I can more easily do water changes if needed. But I will need to build a frame for that….

Lastly I am a huge fan of the coming of age movies. And my favorite movie series that embodies angst has a new release this weekend. American Pie. And there is no easier way to get me to pony up for a movie then put Alyson Hannigan in it.

Add all those things up, plus the holiday and this weekend will be a long one. Hope I can rise again in three days and be useful at work. 🙂

❤ and Enjoy the weekend.

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