When BodyFeeding is not Enough any More

Last night while the TR train was forming up, Fopo and I ran the GH walk ups again on Elite. This time I was on my fighter. Things were super smooth until Trial by Fire where the mobs switched to trolls and old spiders. Not that the spiders where a problem. But if you didn’t already know trolls tend to hit often and do so fairly hard. Even with a 60 ac I was taking ample damage 30-40 point chunks.

It didn’t take me long to swap to my Hooked Blade with bodyfeeder. But bodyfeeder even on a extended crit Khopesh was not enough. I was slamming pots and eating tasty ham hard core trying to keep up with the damage. It worked out, but it cost me about 50 pots and 6 or 7 hams that run.

So I started thinking…. I could craft a bodyfeeder Vamp weapon. Which is want I really wanted the Hooked Blade to be anyway. But that combo is only available as a Falchion. At least via the Sora Katra crafting. Which by the way, if your playing a 2handed melee you better have a Vampiric Cleaver in your pack! Yes Phlor I am talking to you, at least some. But not as much as say that barb over there, as you have pally healing. 🙂

To the Cannith planer!

It says Bodyfeeding is a level 3 shard. At least that is what the planer that I have here at work says. Lesser Vamp is 3. Full on Vamp is 6. So I can make a level 11 base item or level 17… If only a d4 wasn’t so much better then a d1. 😦

Add in the Masterful Craftsmanship shard and I can lower them down 2 levels but still level 15 is no help at the moment as Samyus is level 13.. So lesser vamp is the play. Think I will need to go Flame Touched Iron to handle DR/good and if I do add a the Masterful Craftsmanship shard I will have a little wiggle room to add an +2 to hit.
3 bodyfeeder
3 lesser vamp
2 +2 ench
8*2 -1 -2 = level 13

Not too bad.

I will have to see how much longer I will be in GH. And where I will be level wise when I next feel in over my head. Might have to knock out another 10 divine crafting levels and make that raw level 15 verson. D4 is sooooooo much better then a d1.


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