So more Sneak Attack Dice doesn’t Suck

This turn on the wheel, Samius is knocking out his rogue life. Manly because I have been impressed with some well and not so well built rogues in epics lately.

I am 9/6 monk/rogue atm and for some reason last night I began to notice the sneak attack damage. Okay I know the reason. Moving out of the sands (away from all the undead) and into Giant Hold and stunning/sneak attack able mods is the reason. But why I didn’t pick it up while doing the Attack on Stormreach stuff? I just don’t know. But now that I see it I like it.

My first number is 40-50 range. Stunned 60-70 but add in the sneak attack dice from a stunned mob and it is almost half again as much damage +30-40 to my normal damage plus a point here and a few points there.

I have never been that impressed with the rogue past level 2. Not having agro (aka control) of the mob for the best dps is a strange idea to me. But I can totally see adding huge amounts of extra damage to a stunned mob. And I am build for stunning atm.

Seeing how this is playing I want to try my hand at a epic ready rogue, I already have everything for 3 epic Midnights. Wonder if there is a way to stay centered as a monk and use them….

One thought on “So more Sneak Attack Dice doesn’t Suck

  1. According to the description, the way monks can use them and stay centered is… to be a monk. And use them. While centered.

    “Monks may use this weapon without becoming un-centered.”

    The problem, however, lies in stunning… kinda difficult, I believe. (At least, I’m pretty sure that Stunning Fist doesn’t work while armed. I actually don’t know. My monk hasn’t picked up weapons since playing with the Nicked Kamas at L4 and deciding that already, the extra speed from unarmed *just* about made up for not bypassing zombie DR…)

    I absolutely refuse to consider any gloves other than the Brawling Gloves for my monk, simply because of how often she stuns. That SA is killer, and if you have some kind of “enhanced ki on hit” effect going, you can pretty much spam SF as often as you want.

    But yeah, SA is nice. I was originally just going to take 1-2 rogue levels on my tempest/rogue… but then I saw just how very fun SA was, and spent months not playing him ’cause I was dithering about my original 18/2… or 17/3… or 15/5… or 14/6… or 13/7…

    Don’t forget to take Subtle Backstabbing.

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