Cleaning up the Mess.

Last night I was in one of my moods and logged on later then normal, on to my fighter. Mainly as the wife was playing her first life Sorc and well I just wanted to play my fighter.

Log in to game. Say my hellos, and look at the LFM panel for a group. I said I was in a mood. Turns out Onecler has an LFM up for Von 3 – elite. Just what I am looking for. At least 1 competent player other then myself doing a big xp quest on a setting that will not bork my streak. Win.

I buff and run that first quest per Von3 quest. See that it is active and on hard. 😦 But as I am 12 it wont hit my streak so no big deal. Jump in and the quest is red alerted….. great! Invis and run to the end as fast as I can. I see only one or two mobs along the way. But at the end it looks like an Incredible Hulk mosh pit. In the middle is a lone FvS keeping his red bar up directly via his blue bar. Just as I get in to helping range he falls to incap and then dies. I pick up his stone and get him in range of the shrine and turn to face the horde.

Mean while there is a little kid in group that hasn’t shut up. I don’t think he took a breath the whole time he we in group. I am trying to coordinate with the FvS and whatnot but on my throat mic I can be hard to hear. And before long he recalls out and I am left alone.

So I do what any Defense Guild person should do: Clear the whole mess. Thankfully all I need to handle this pile of green angry turds is at hand. A few healing pots, defender stance, a death ward clickly and my body feeder hook blade/ring of vorpalness. 🙂

Block Block Block Cleave Great Cleave Block Block Pot Block Cleave Great Cleave. For a few mins. Some times heads would roll. Some times they are just slowed real bad but I was gaining enough from the body feeding to slow the hurt but not stop it.

Right before I got the alert to drop to orange I was at 30 or so hp. I had to do some jump pot jump drink dance and block/eat a tasty ham. But I lived. And once the alert dropped to yellow it was all over for them.

Meanwhile the guys already in Von3 were wrapping up. ;( but they repeated right after on Elite again. Sans noise machine. It was a super smooth run. That FvS kept making me his Champion but I don;t think I took more then 10 hits the whole run. But once I said my AC was in the low 60s and they are missing me he started blessing someone else and everyone was happy.

It was a rough start, and I was angry for the miss start but that blew off once I won.

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