Playing my Fighter, Feels like Cheeting

The other night one of the people I raid with was talking about how he was working on his Completionst Alt. But he was unsure as to how to level as a Pally. I find this topic intriguing as I am working on Samyus and I have found him to be fairly easy to level so far.

Other then a hand full of runs Samyus has been leveled solo. I used him to catch Tobril up with the group around level 6-7, some Shadow crypt runs, a last stand with Fopo and then a elite run through the eyes of stone chain for Tobril. The rest has been solo, elite streak btw.

Any way lets jump in to gear; +6 Con/Str/Dex items Cannith crafted btw, +5 mithral full plate and tower shield, hold over GS rapier (Ex3 damage, damage, AC) and a GS light pick (Ax3 haste clicky), Ring of Bad Ass aka Slayer, a Bloody Hooked Blade from the Cauldron of Sora Katra and a trinket he “stole” from Samius Nat Armor +3/Dog +1. There are some other bits and pieces of gear but nothing earth shattering.

He is a Human (travel marks) Fighter Stalwart Defender 2. Defender stance is like cheating btw. You get a ton of damage/Hp/Ac/Hate for -10% speed, yes please.

In combat I have two “modes” Ac which is GS rapier and the Ac trinket, At 12 that is about 57 AC. Not horrible… But thinking about it I need to find a +5 prot item… And I have body feeding “mode” where mainly all I do is swap weapons in to the Bloody Hooked Blade. Normally this means a boss fight or when I feel like I am being hit a little more then I would like.

How this ends up playing is really great. Gather a few guys cleave/great cleave cut off heads or earth grab something, stun one trip another and repeat. If I am taking damage swap to the hook blade and go go body feeder action. Incoming melee damage is rarely more then 15 points at a time so the only worry is from magic spells. Which Ship buffs and pro pots handle nicely for everything else there are Night Shield scrolls (75% via umd) and an upgraded Pale Lavender Ioun Stone. He is still a fighter so a he can use the magical help.

Guess I just want people to know that everyone can be somewhat self sufficient. And that it is not even that costly. I know a year ago if some asked me how to level a melee just to TR I would have said splash 2 to 3 monk or rogue levels. Now? Go defender if you can it is like cheating.

3 thoughts on “Playing my Fighter, Feels like Cheeting

  1. Agreed! My first ever toon was a him to 15 and basicly stopped playing him. Weak and poor dps plus 28 pt build just had me hating him. Then defender prestige comes out, I do a lesser, now back to playing him again!

  2. You might want to consider making the mabar event robe. At level 12 it has 3 10 or so minute night shield clickies and higher level than that gets the 20 minute clickie.

    I have it for my Ranger; it’s a good way of taking less incoming damage which is always nice when you’re a self healing skirmisher.

    • @pat, I would have <3ed to have made this guy a Night shield clicky. But as he just jumped up again on the list he was not important when the event was running. Have to run some Abbot raids later.

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