CC! by Old Rusty Balls

Last night it was just Tobril and I. Phlor was on but he was raiding his little heart out, Fopo was bowling and the wife was “not napping” no matter what it looked like. So in other words no huge xp jumps for the TR train. 😦

But on the plus side, Tobril and I did get an EDA (Epic Devils Assault). He got on his namesake main and I switched to Butterz. After a while of asking around Tobril lets me know we don’t have a CC guy….

Butterz’s Dcs are way low and her Sp bar is just a little bluer then a level 20 fighter. But I do have Samiusbot. He is a first life robot now PM (did the Ench specialized AM before the hold nerf). No green steel, no torc, I don’t even think he has a normal SP item. He does have a 42 int, and some good pieces of loot here and there but he has never been the “big guy” on my to work on list. He gets pulled out to do some epics where I can burn my Sp on wails and Fingers and whatnot. You know scroll farming runs. 🙂

Looking at my spell list I do have dancing ball preped, all right! I do need to do some swapping for mind fog but in hindsight I pulled mind fog because it didn’t work on epic mobs. Wonder if I was blowing a lot of extra SP on a spell that wasn’t working…. Hope the group thought I was casting solid fog now. 🙂

Any way I was rusty as all get out. In fact I kept calling Samiusbot “old rusty balls”. As I didn’t know what spells I had or where they were at on the bars. But to my surprise I didn’t have any issues dancing or wailing really. In fact we only had one issue, and that was during the last wave. After resting I turned off some metas to buff. Yes I know there are quick settings I can use but I haven’t played with them yet so I use the toggle on toggle offs that sit on my bar. But I guess I forgot to turn quicken back on or it did that look done so I move but it really wasn’t done so it didn’t take. I don’t know for sure what happened. But I thought I had my quicken running.

All I know is the clr dropped, party confusion spiked! I took a ton of damage from some casters out side of the disco ball’s range. I cast a neg burst to heal and it didn’t work so I hit the recon spell thinking that I must not have gone into form but that didn’t work either. And before I could recover I took a fire ball to the back hard and died.

I thought there was some confusion before. At some point it was Tobril and one other guy. I got a rez. Healed toggled on quicken and got CC back up. Didn’t think I could cast that fast as a wiz. The bard started CC ing also at the portals, some times he/she got some things. Everyone helped and we all recovered nicely.

Guess I am saying if I am saying anything is with some team work and a little prep work, even first life gimps can get things done.

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