Sometimes What You Need is Good Tanking

Last night Fopo and I on our off Train TR Alts decided to get a little xp. Looking at the list we both needed Last Stand.

I popped over to the Clr vending machine and got a fresh level 11 guy so I wouldn’t have to try and use tasty hams to stay healed up as well as throw the occasional heal or mass on the drow.

Things went sure well until the third round when the clr decided to stand on top of the guy that can’t die or else we fail. Hence forth I will call him Bob, the guy that can’t die not the clr. Clr took about 3 lighting bolts with out time to help himself out and died. I jumped over intimidated the group and pulled them away from Bob and drank pots and whatnot. I was left with 30 ish Hp and no pots when Fopo to regained control. Bob was at a sliver, and as I was trying to make my way to the shrine with my clr (never used it before so did KNOW where it was) the final boss spawned and while Fopo was able to keep the final boss off Bob. All the little zombies didn’t have any issues one shotting Bob. Fail

We try again, this time with Fopo in charge of the clr. About the same results except out of pots I died during the third round, after the clr and right before Bob. Fail.

Starting to get a little pissed at this point, but we mixed it up a hair. And I took on more of a true tanking role during the attack waves. Any time I was off intimidate timer I jumped over to Bob and got back on timer and pulled of any mobs around. Fopo was better able to control the clr and watch out for Bob while clearing trash that way. And I was able to negate most of the damage coming in via spamming ele pro pots, night shield scrolls, and using cleave and great cleave with my vamp sword while surrounded to more or less heal myself.

I hadn’t felt so good not killing mobs in a long time.

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