Letter to those that want Alien Turtles.

I feel compelled to talk about a little movie news. There is a new Ninja Turtles movie on the way. Hurray! I love the turtles. I grew up with the cartoons and the movies. And I liked them all. They did go down in quality until The newest movie “TNMT” but I still loved all the turtle movies. Yes even Turles in Time.

Now there are a few controversial stories floating around with the new movie starting with the title change, Ninja Turtles. Right now we are loosing the Teenage Mutant parts of the title.

I don’t mind loosing the Teenage part of the title. At least two cartoons runs and four movies I am good with them growing up a little. And to be honest I think of them more as Mutant Turtles or Ninja Turtles.

My issues with some of the news stories is that Bay might be making them Aliens. Come on. I know that “rebooting” the title is all the rage right now. But do we really need a reboot on the Turtles? And why does “rebooting” have to start with the origin story? Lets say a reboot always has to include the origin story why do people feel like they have to play with it? Isn’t there a point where you play with the origin to the point where your no longer talking about the same character?

Lets play with some famous Origin stories and you tell me if they are the same character.

The Wayne’s don’t get shot and killed. Do we still have Batman? What if they drove home that night and got in a car crash due to daddy Wayne having one two many cocktails while they were out? Would batman be all about stopping drinking and driving?

Uncle Ben doesn’t die? Tony Stark sends an employee over seas to do the work and looses an employee in an attack. Super man lands in Communist Russia and is raised by the state?

Origin stories matter. Now if Bay wants to make a movie about fighting toads from outer space I would be all over it. He can even use the Battle Toads platform and I will be all over it. But you have to stay true to the core source material.

If you look at the comic book movies that didn’t do well they are the ones that broke away from the source material. Ie the first Hulk and the first Punisher movies come to mind. The second FF movie and while Spider man 3 did okay it moved away from the source a lot and did way less then the first two. And while it was not a Comic movie per say, but the Last air bender movie was based on the best cartoon in the last 10 years. But got away from the source and sucked hard core.

Anyway lets hope Internet out cry is enough to keep Bay true to the Turtles.

2 thoughts on “Letter to those that want Alien Turtles.

  1. I’m just trying to figure out how Bay’s gonna work in the giant explosions from nun-chuks, quarterstaff, etc…

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