Leveling Plan, Second Life TR+

I guess I have not been totally clear. In part because of the resent changes to xp and possible bonuses to xp. And because my old clear head phones died. And now I have to use my throat mic. Which I like, btw, but can be unclear. As my new “diet” works out I hope to get a little better fit and clean up the audio enough to be clearer with out having to repeat everything 2 or more times.

So in a nut shell this is how I plan to level. I will open up the quest log. Find all the quests possible at my level -2, and then decide if those quests are worth doing. Things like Titan pre quests and last X number of mins are a normally a no. Chains that have pain in the ass bits, but over all are good xp wise or loot wise make the list. And if the wife or another group member wants to do something then it makes the list.

No repeats, unless the quest is great xp per min, super fun or has killer loots. Like say Shadow Cypt, Litany of the Dead or Enter the Kobold.

I also like to have a clear area to hit. Say the walk ups in the sands. Like last night. I was not feeling super chatty, in fact I was tired as balls. Just wanting to hang out. 🙂 Do a little work on my Fighter but mostly hang out. But the team came together so I swapped to Samius. Tobril said he was on his way to do Maraud the Mines up so we all tagged along.

Oh here is a side point. Unless Soloing or working with someone that is able/wanting to do the invis thing I tend to clear to the end. If the team is strong like say my TR team, I like to spread out and nab all the xp possible in the shortest amount of time. Like in Tear, we broke into 3 teams. A, worked on the main quest, B went to do the optional that they could, C did the same as B. Which netted us all more xp. Areas of Assault on Splinterskull are the exception not the rule.

We (those that joined Tobril) started to split up. There were 3 teams again. I went one way to clean up optional, Tobril went for the end, everyone else other optionals. In just a few mins Tobril finished the quest. Wam. Bam. Think we netted a few 100s in optionals before the quest finished. No real point in clearing after that…

So we moved on to Purge the Fallen Shrine. Also a fast run but behind us. Then Raid the Vulkoorim, and then An Offering of Blood.

I don’t want to think about the time wasted on the order we did those quests in. Maybe if I wasn’t feeling so lazy I would have got my guys moving in an time effective way. Such as:

Purge the Fallen Shrine
(Maybe the The Chamber of Kourush, and The Chamber of Rahmat if we didn’t all solo them for ease)
Maraud the Mines
An Offering of Blood
Raid the Vulkoorim

That would have been a big circle, with no huge areas of back tracking. Thankfully to everyone we made good time in the quests so time lost out side the quests were not horrible. But we finished Offering of Blood with 30 secs left on my XP shrine…

❤ me long time.

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