Real Bad Paper Cuts

As some of you know I did some work on my gear before TRing this last time. Mainly to take advantage of Ring of the Stalker and boost my AC up a hair more.

I have to say it is working out well. My Amp at level 12/13 is good enough that jerky ticks for 4, the jungle cloak for 10, and lesser Vamp for 2. BTW how I am getting lesser vamp into my weapon set atm is thanks to a Vampiric Fury Shortsword. Not something I use all the time, but I do use it often enough to be happy that it has a slot in my inventory.

Having the different kamas for head cutting time is real good. I mean come on who doesn’t want a weapon set like this at level 12: +5 vorp holy, good burst, greater disrupt and +5 vorp acid, acid burst, earth grap?

So over all I am super pleased with the set up. At 12/13 I have a 60ish AC. More if I can remember to use a shield scroll the damage is not much worse then wraps a d8 vs 2d6 But my normal wraps at this level are vamp stone dusts so having the other effects like Holy and Acid bursts makes up for a little smaller base damage.

I found a trick if you want to use your fists there for keeping your Tod and Stunning Fist open and yet add that Vorpal effect from the ring. Dual wield something, have your ring on use a scroll (ie scroll and kama) and notice that once you have a scroll in hand your fisting again. Notice that heads fall off as you can’t get swapped back to the other weapon set do to lag. Sure you loose having weapon effects in your hand at least until ToD rings but having your stunning and Touch back might be good enough? And you get to keep that off hand weapon equipped also. So in my case Amp or Ac as needed.

Talk about a bad paper cut. Now I just need a way to staple guys to the ground…..

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