Strange Build Thoughts in my Head, Again.

For the last few week I have had an idea bouncing around. And I hate to pick on Phlor, but as he is the inspiration for these thoughts, well screw him, he is going to get a little good heart-ed fun poked his way.

When last I was able to really play the TR train was around level 11. There is the core Fo, Tor, and myself. And the extras Tobril and Phlor. Phlor is leveling up some alts while he wraps up some raid completions and gets someone up to bring along when people want to raid or epic.

The thing is Phlor feels squishy. And he kinda right to feel that, as he is a first life (I have to assume 32 point) Paly with limited gear and twinking gear. Add in some issues with being rusty from lack of play, and trying to play other games on the side as well.

That said the man has a fair pool of people to help with that as well as a lot of his gear that is twinkable is quite good. And with a little work I don’t think he will have any issue with play rust.

But some how I keep catching him in the back of the party with his shield out and a thrower in his hand. WTF? Your a melee class, with melee gear the Wizard casts web and gets in there melee you had damn well be in there too.

So I have been thinking about a Halfling Thrower Build. Here is the rough rough rough idea.

Monk 12/fighter X/ Pally/Rog/Ranger 0-2

Goals: 10kS, GTWF aka Fists/bad touch (may involve earth stance + jidx), Imp Precise Shot, Weapon Specialization, and if needed go extreme aka Kensei 1 (Star)

The nice thing about this build is with a lesser (or a few feat changes) it can be swapped in to a good end game build. No matter how uber you make throwing star damage it is just not going to be good end game damage compared to a good set of wraps and ToD. But it would be a “fun” build.

I tell Phlor if he wants to play a back of the group dps/variable build to roll up one of my Bowonks. Even first life they are solid. But the idea of making a star throwing build amuses me. 🙂

More on this build as it develops.


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