From the Road, III

Today I am trying to do a post from the cell phone. Have to say it is not as easy as I would like. But lets hope I can find the gold for you.

In pnp I am a dice nut. I carry two bags of dice. Mine and group dice. And the two piles shall not cross. Ever!

Sure a dice might get promoted into my personal use bag or down graded into the other bag.

I know dice have power. Having my dice makes my play bolder and often allows the boldness to carry my play to higher levels.

What does that have to do with DDO?

All my dice are set to pink. The manlinest of all the colors. Why? Superstition. I feel that I roll better while my pink dice.

Sure I know on my head that there is not really a difference in the numbers given by the roller based on dice color. But in my heart there totally is. And for me pink is the best.

What color is your dice? And if you could would you have different colors for different rolls? I would find a good umd dice if I could.

Well not too bad doing it on the phone. Editing is a pain so no edits for you.


5 thoughts on “From the Road, III

  1. My PnP dice were royal blue, except my percentage dice were red and white (they came with “Star Trek: The Role Playing Game”, which I never actually played…). All my dice, except the “double 10-sided” (which is to say a ‘d20’ with two of each number, 0-9, as opposed to 0-19 or 1-20) were clear. Since I can’t find a blue that I like in DDO, I use a variety of colors in game. I probably should co-ordinate that…


  2. I use the Tiger Eye dice, ’cause they’re green and, well, TIGER!

    I, too, was the one with the huge bag of dice. Mostly 6-sided as my game of choice was Shadowrun, and I had a buttload of generic white dice (it was easily possible to be in a position to be rolling 10+ dice…) but I also had several colored ones set aside for me. NOBODY got to touch them. Or the white ones with the skull instead of a 1, or the white ones with the dragon instead of a 6. I didn’t even like people picking ’em up to pass to me if one bounced out of my reach lol I always felt the need to set that one aside for the rest of the night unless I really needed it…

    But I also had a fair few D&D dice that I picked up over the years, including a d3 (actually a d6, but with 1-2-3-1-2-3) It was kinda useless, unless I *wanted* to roll low for whatever reason lol, a few d4s, d8s, d10s, and a bunch of D20s (which I believe I also got for some kind of Star Trek game I never played lol) My percentage dice were green & white (white was always singles, green was always the 10s place), but my GM *always* made me reroll unless I stated that ahead of the fact (I once rolled a 0-9, but got to reroll because I didn’t say the green was for 10s ahead of time, and came out with something like 9-5…).

  3. Turbine headquarters probably has the highest number-of-people-with-bags-of-dice-with-them-at-all-times of any workplace in the United States. Perhaps Wizards of the Cost has more, not sure as I’ve not been there in person to check.

    For me, I like old dice, I keep my old 80’s AD&D Basic Set dice in my bag. But lately I’ve been rolling with GenCon dice that I pick up every year I get to attend the Con.

  4. @LrdSlvrhnd: I made a little sign that I set out on the table that read: “Red is High” so I never had to explicity state it when rolling %d.

    I also had a d100 – I never used it, ‘cuz it’s about the size of a cue ball, but it looked cool, and it was blue, so I bought it.

  5. My college GM had this huge 6-sided die, it was probably about 3 inches on a side, which he called a Smaug die. Whenever we wanted to try something *extremely* oddball or difficult, well beyond the norm, he’d pull out the Smaug die, set it in the center of the table, and say “Roll.”

    1 was an instant failure. And usually caused bad things to happen. 6 was an instant success, often beyond our character’s wildest hopes. 2-5 merely meant we had an opportunity to attempt it normally.

    The only d100 I’ve seen was basically a 16-bit (or 32, maybe) sphere. Effectively round, but with flat surfaces lol Never used, ’cause it didn’t stop rolling ’til it hit something LOL

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