From the Road, part B

So yersterday i ran down just a few of the many hurdles to over come when trying to play from the road. Today i want to share a story that will hopefully make you want to try and play some even if your on the road.

So i got on around 6-630 here. My wife was letting a show tape so she was able to also get on and play some, and as it was Tuesday night so Tobril was able to group with us. Adding alittle normalicy to ones life, while away from home is a good thing. But the real meat comes from what our group was able to go and do.
Samyus, my Ac tank in progress (who mostly soloed to level 10, sans healerbot btw) was elected to be “fixed up” aka made playable from the road. That means moving bars around. Takeing some off the screen. Even loosing quick access to some hot keys.

Once your muscle memory is tuned to go to a given place and do an action. Say Intim (number 7 for me), which on my normal key board is right above the “w” key just on the second row of number keys; reaching across the board to hit the 7 above the “y” key is not normal. Loseing my two side mouse buttons for target next hostal/object took a while to adapt to. In truth, I still can’t use the “tab” key to target anything.

Anyway, we all teamed up and did Shadow cypt like 9 times on elite. I ended up with about 160K xp for the night. Would have the same thing happened if i was at home? Sure but all that xp would be on Samius. Not Samyus. And Samius with the aid of my son’s account can solo said content a few times with out bothering any guildies (not that i will have to, but he could). Samyus could also but it would be a much more intense strugle, as he is not as good at killing ghosts while staying healed up.

Samyus was able to gain a whole level plus a rank or two in just a few hours. Keeping pace with the wife’s first life sorc and not far behind Tobril’s second life wizard. Leaving him able to be used to play catch up for others when Samius power levels up a few levels. I hope to do crush some XP this weekend.

All i have to say is playing from the road is extreamly challenging, but can be super rewarding if you can over come hurdles to play.

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